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  1. Locking TV / Parental Control
  2. Upgraded using Sleeper ISO, can't playback recorded programs
  3. Nic Support
  4. Connecting to TiVo service through transparent proxy
  5. TivoWebPlus consuming over 75% CPU process ??
  6. local channels missing...
  7. Error after installing HMO superpatch
  8. Is there a S2 diff binary available?
  9. Odd Hackman error with tserver
  10. In search of a new fan
  11. All-In-One S2 utilities collection
  12. Launching mfs_ftp from Cron crashes Tivo
  13. largest successful disks on S2 w/ 4.0?
  14. 3.1.5d downloaded in MFS on my HDVR2?
  15. padhack.tcl and v4.01 - No Go
  16. HDVR2 won't talk to Netgear ME101 bridge
  17. how to playback specific program from code
  18. 3.1.5d-01-2-357 on an HR10-250
  19. "No Programs"
  20. What is procd in the /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit script?
  21. HR10-250 Questions
  22. USB Ethernet Errors and bad counts
  23. How can you tell if your lba48 kernel is really a lba48 kernel?
  24. HDTivo Backdoor?
  25. Fake call for DTivo w/4.0
  26. Series 2 DIY (no scripts/ISOs) killhdinitrd walkthrough
  27. Problem trying to boot new 3.1.5d kernel and modules on old 3.1.1c system
  28. STill cannot import custom logos into SA S2
  29. Logo Download worked now does'nt?
  30. TivoWebPlus NowShowing for Public Web page
  31. Can you enable the 2nd tuner from bash?
  32. Taboo subject
  33. No 3.1.5d update via phone line
  34. How can I save my recordings when the Tivo won't boot
  35. weird show deletion activity
  36. HMO and VPN
  37. Needee: TiVo S2 Power Supplies
  38. New UI?
  39. atscapp segfault at boot (was: HR10-250 Continuous Reboot!)
  40. Won't record more shows, but tivoweb shows 26 hours of free space
  41. bootpage contradictions
  42. 4.0 ON HDVR2 w/out Sleeper's question.
  43. DHCP possible on HR10-250?
  44. Woohoo! got my Samsung SIR-4040R all hacked up
  45. 3.1.5d problems running on Hughes SD-DVR40
  46. what is phonereset.tcl for
  47. Searching For Programs is Empty
  48. Slow Recording Transfers
  49. /tvbin/dbgc-mcp scheduling
  50. ifconfig errors and weird switch behavior (split from: USB2 backport from 2.4.27 to 2.4.4/2.4.18/2.4.20)
  51. Tivowebplus stops responding
  52. Toshiba SD-H400 hard drive expansion - Support Thread
  53. Need help trapping remote keypresses
  54. Hacking your Series 2 in 2004
  55. Network Problem, Direcway?
  56. Loss of DD audio on HR10-250
  57. Partial mfstool backups (split from: killhdinitrd 0.9.x Support Thread)
  58. Moviesearch error s2 directivo
  59. Running iptables on TiVo
  60. USB network slowness and ABI issues (split from: USB2 backport from 2.4.27 to 2.4.4/2.4.18/2.4.20)
  61. HR 10-250 as a samba server?
  62. Kernels for S2 from ptvupgrade
  63. Where can I find tivosh manual
  64. killhdinit SUCCESS on HDVR2
  65. All in One S2 Binaries questions/queries
  66. Detecting Activity (for auto-off feature)
  67. FsAllocateFunction / FsPhysDisk tmk assertion failure
  68. Console output questions
  69. Time to upgrade again, 3.1.1e is coming
  70. updating to 3.1.1e - split from - killhdinitrd 0.9.x Support
  71. vplay/tridge MFS code improvements (was: Request to anybody who knows C...)
  72. kickstart 52 help
  73. Can I install 3.1.1e?
  74. Newbie bootpage mistake!
  75. EvilJack's monte setup ( and startup scripts )
  76. Philips dsr 704 need to direct copy recordings to HDD
  77. 3.1.5e tivoapp changes
  78. 3.1.1c to 3.1.5e (non lba48 to lba48)
  79. fragmented free space what to do
  80. HDVR won't boot, please help...
  81. HDVR2 expanded to new drive - Corrupt Audio Prompts
  82. SendKey right after boot
  83. Daily Routine
  84. Storing photos on Series 2
  85. These messages every 15 min. in /var/log/tclient
  86. Curious issue with resource editor...
  87. Any problems with adding an ext2 filesystem?
  88. How To: 810H Expansion Without a "Golden" Image
  89. Patching live kernel to turn off netfilter (split from: USB2 backport from 2.4.27 to 2.4.4/2.4.18/2.4.20)
  90. Recompile new version of hdparm for the -M switch
  91. What is 'signed' about the Tivo Kernels?
  92. Samsung 4040R hacking for usb and vonage
  93. Event bug and 3.1.1e
  94. Problem dbloading slice files
  95. Region Free DVD on Toshiba SD-H400
  96. Prom boot menu trouble
  97. Problems adding new drive to HDVR2
  98. Cant find the required v1.6 Prom changes
  99. Modular inline monte configuration - request for comments (RFC)
  100. Series2.5 initial compromise: support thread (was: walkthrough for initial hack...)
  101. tivo s2 sa reboots every 10-15 minutes in scheduler
  102. Any way to use an HDVR2 without DTV service?
  103. XPlusz error message
  104. 6.1 and 6.2 software on DTiVo Series2.0
  105. NSTS-framework, init-framework and auth-framework - support
  106. MFS Soapbox Derby: aka what is your download speed?
  107. C compiler ASM listing
  108. 4.x+RID - support
  109. boot parameters not updating
  110. Listen to Music while looking at photos
  111. Instant Cake or PTVlba48?
  112. s2SA v4 rc.startup requirements? / speed tips
  113. Lockups on s2 unit. Remote stops working, tivowebplus 1.1 stops working
  114. What is brev=0x100A
  115. Anyone notice problems with optical audio out after 4.0 upgrade?
  116. unsleeper a 4.0 unit
  117. HDVR2 upgrade from 40gb to 250gb drive only shows 147hr help please
  118. Petition for a new project: Remove TMS and TVGuide nags from 4.01b
  119. 4.X and NP Logos
  120. Problem with gnu screen
  121. Common LBA48 mistakes (was: "expand" after the fact...)
  122. 2.4.4/3.x LBA48 Kernel for S2 Dtivos???
  123. Ouija screen gone missing
  124. Please help explain a wee bit about MFS
  125. 101st post about remote tivowebplus access
  126. your tivo was unable to find any vaild channels in your channel line-up
  127. Series 2.5 Worklog
  128. /bin fubar?
  129. /var cleanup question
  130. Anyone able to compile Perl for Series 2?
  131. Make high def Tivo prefer to record high def programs?
  132. Hacked SA S2 having issues
  133. lsof Support
  134. DirecTV R10 SUPPORT thread
  135. confres.tcl
  136. Channel Lineups
  137. swSystem/* accidental deletion
  138. Interesting HR10-250 upgrade problem....
  139. bypass satellite guided setup on hdvr2?
  140. Tivo Desktop for Linux?
  141. HMO Server List Slowness / Hangup
  142. Linux HMO Server
  143. Slices not showing in SwSystem
  144. DTivo (SD-DVR40) new disk -- no satellite signal
  145. Starz on demand, now playing list weirdness
  146. Hacked SA S2 rebooting frequently
  147. Series 2.5 PROM Programming issues
  148. "PROM update" reference(s) in rc.sysinit
  149. 5.4.1 Sw src available
  150. Video blacks crushed?
  151. Series 2 USB Question
  152. memory upgrade for S2 Dtivos (RID and Non-RID)
  153. Humax T800=no serial port?
  154. tvlog file keeps growing and growing !!
  155. Toshiba/Humax S2 Video Playback from DTivo S2 content
  156. Humax DTR800 networking Questions
  157. DirecTV Series 1 Remote work on DirecTV Series 2?
  158. Smallest hard drive in a Tivo
  159. Question about copying Tivo drive to new one
  160. Native Gui default change to "Until I delete"
  161. Dvr-810h-s 5.2.2 NoCSO tivoapp patches
  162. Serial stops working
  163. Video Skips/Pixalation. [tverr log posted]
  164. Echo from itcl
  165. Differences between 130040 (140060) and 240040 and newer models
  166. Bash has no prompt...
  167. Season Passes not recording...
  168. Nightly Reboots, but not "pending restart"
  169. possible drive problem?
  170. 7.1 software update: support thread (was: Monte on SA S2 with 7.1)
  171. Anyone seen errors like this in their kernel log
  172. R10 PROM backup?
  173. Help enabling both RF and Svideo on SA2
  174. Problems manually upgrading TCD240040 to 7.1
  175. A couple of questions on MRV
  176. Need an alternative program guide
  177. S2 quit recording
  178. Var size increasing
  179. mfstool screwup
  180. HD Tivo failing fpga_ide: lost IRQ
  181. Preventing update from 4.0.1b to 7.1
  182. crond log levels
  183. sd-dvr120 ?
  184. Blocking upgrades
  185. /lib/modules files all zero size...
  186. Advice Needed about S2 DTiVo
  187. DirecTV Tivo Software Update 6.2 - SUPPORT and DISCUSSION
  188. phoneConfig for 4.x?
  189. Component Video Output from Series 2
  190. execute script with remote control
  191. Frequent rebooting (upgrading HDVR2 to 4.0.1b)
  192. Exporting preferences (split from: building MFS from scratch)
  193. endless rebooting.. error: Can't stat: Value too large for defined data type
  194. tcpdump for S2 tivo's
  195. 6.2.B6-01-2-351 on SD-DVR80
  196. All-In-One S2 utilities collection Source Code?
  197. TWP Screen.itcl updated version
  198. HR10-250 Not getting software updates
  199. Crypto chip rejected data packet
  200. GSOD loop - filesystem inconsistent
  201. 4.01b dual tuner support/question
  202. Consequences of blocking software updates on standalone units
  203. Reboot loop after killinitird Help!!
  204. Rhyme or Reason to update priority?
  205. InstantCake
  206. HDVR2 w/4.x only has one tuner
  207. Quick weather script
  208. MRV transfers involving 7.1 certificates - support (was: MRV Issues, A case for...)
  209. 4.0.1b D* DVR Music & Pictures Problem
  210. Capturing Slice Files?
  211. Proper backup parameters?
  212. Differences between 7.1a-01-2-240 and 7.1a-02-2-240?
  213. HD - 3.1.5f
  214. 270GB drive expansion limit (was: HDTivo Green screen on drive add) (merged)
  215. logo palettes changed, can't find TuikRes dir
  216. Where's my IP
  217. Upgrading to 6.2, collected info and tips - NO SUPPORT QUESTIONS
  218. Problem with USB 2.0 Drivers on DVR40
  219. Sluggish remote response
  220. A little help on repairing a 3.1.1e hdvr3 unit would be great...
  221. Backing up via USB/Laptop
  222. DTiVo drive noise reduction (was: my dtivo won't let me sleep)
  223. TMK Assert if bash is run too early in the init process
  224. Toshiba RS-TX20 PROM mod
  225. 60 Hour TIVO - Power Supply ?
  226. Low throughput on SDDVR40
  227. Automated purging of todo list
  228. 6.2 on HDTiVo discussion from (Upgrading to 6.2, collected info and tips)
  229. Unable to Telnet when trying to use TyTool18
  230. TivoWeb PSP Edition
  231. Custom create channel on S2?
  232. HDVR2, Software 4.x, folders enabled, TivoWebPlus issue
  233. 7.x httpd server (was: Secure server running on my TiVo?)
  234. Can't get mfs_ftp to run under 6.2?
  235. Assertion failure in audit (Scheduler) (was: crashing)
  236. bufferhack 4.x Support Thread
  237. Sleepered 4.01b to 7.X
  238. Need help on Tivo 7.1a ??
  239. Failed While Negotiating-Daily or Test
  240. Big Tivo To Go Problem
  241. Tivo Lockup or Runaway Process
  242. Move to a larger drive without hacks.
  243. Changing channels question
  244. Missing Local Channel
  245. Unit reacting very slow
  246. old guy needs help..
  247. USB 2.0 Drivers on DSR7000/17
  248. superpatch commenting
  249. 7.x Wireless G network modules on 4.x
  250. SA S2 Two-kernel Monte - Hack un-done?