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  1. T-60 Repair?
  2. Sony T-60 stuck at Welcome: Powering up...
  3. Help with a hide away unit
  4. universal remote on HDVR2 ?
  5. Bumped myt60 now stuck in 'welcome loop'
  6. Bumped myt60 now stuck in 'welcome loop'
  7. busted tuner on a standalone?
  8. DirecTv Tivo takes Over Phone line
  9. dead power unit?
  10. UK TiVo - Dead "B" Drive - How to get >TY Files off "A" Drive?
  11. Is there a 9pin serial port on series 1
  12. I found a source for Series 1 DTivo Tuners !!
  13. I think PS has gone bad
  14. Found a source for any dtivo part
  15. Bad Drive Sony SAT-T60
  16. s2 tuner 1
  17. Audio hum after turbonet install
  18. HDVR2 jsut keeps rebooting HELP please..
  19. sony SAT t-60 power problem
  20. TiVo randomly hangs, roboots and misbehaves.
  21. Multiswitch unused ports
  22. Pulling the White Power Supply cable worked!!
  23. Possible tuner problem ???
  24. HELP - Thomson UK SA TiVo not booting
  25. Newly installed tools/bins not visible via BASH?
  26. I need to buy some LNBP15SP, anybody has it here for sale?
  27. Searching for Satellite Signal on Input X
  28. Tivo Reboot issue
  29. please help a real newbie
  30. 75-Ohm Coax Switch
  31. Stuck
  32. HDVR2 problem - help troubleshooting?
  33. Remote Control Not working
  34. repairing sony sat60 receiver
  35. DTivo T60 Story and Sadness
  36. hdvr2 modem failed...
  37. DSR 6000 Tuner Problems
  38. Need Tivo Repairman for Sony T60
  39. Tivo not booting anymore (reboots)
  40. IR is frustrating me!!!
  41. lnbp15 install tips how to ??
  42. Dead HDVR2 but good drive
  43. Need to reformat MFS partition?
  44. Need repair - R.Channel Audio Dead
  45. 2nd drive failed: revert to single drive?
  46. source for lnbp15
  47. Please help! DSR6000 stuck at "Welcome. Powering Up..."
  48. T-60 Overheaing and Stops
  49. Tivo Power Supply
  50. Sat info stuck at 70%
  51. Philips DVR DSR7000 stuck on boot
  52. My hard drive is clicking...
  53. Tivo Repairs by Greek
  54. SA Tivo bad static in audio
  55. TiVo slow to respond to remote
  56. Philips tivo s2 reciever power supply
  57. series 1 sony tivo freezing
  58. Loose TurboNet card
  59. DSR 704ís Picture is Getting Digitally Distorted
  60. dsr6000 no dolbly digital light
  61. Did I toast my hdvr2 daughter board?
  62. DSR6000 reboot loop btw 'welcome' and 'almost there'
  63. Dead IR?
  64. A Different Clicking Hard Drive Problem
  65. where are the how to's and do I have a bad drive
  66. White cable problem! HELP!
  67. tivo does not boot
  68. Sony T60 - both tuners appear dead
  69. Gxcebot remote, front panel & led's not working
  70. Easiest way to fix a rc.sysinit if can't get to bash?
  71. HDVR2 stuck at "welcome, powering up"
  72. HDVR2 color flicker/static with remote problem
  73. Same old reboot question, with hopefully a new spin, I hope
  74. T60 Strange freezing problem...need help please...
  75. How hot is hot?
  76. DSR704 upgrade problems
  77. Hughes Directv DVR pictures freezes
  78. bad harddrive????
  79. Audio Repair on Stand Alone Tivo
  80. Samsung SIR S4040R wont dial in...
  81. No S-Video on S1 Gxcebot
  82. dsr60000r1 freezes on "now playing list"
  83. Power Supply Dead?
  84. Lightning Strikes
  85. Help...my tivo spits out: "Couldn't open /dev/input (problem on I2C?)"
  86. S2 DirecTivo (unhacked) stuck in reboot loop
  87. Hard Drive Question
  88. Sony T-60 picture at 1/2 brightness after a storm???
  89. Several problems, not really sure where to start...
  90. dhclient file
  91. I think my video chip is busted - Any ideas?
  92. Can I fix a Sat-T60 with a GXCEBOT
  93. Need Tuner for SONY SVR-2000
  94. HDR612 won't boot
  96. Can I extract from a broken TiVo?
  97. losing live tv sound
  98. Hard Drive questions.
  99. IDE cable, power supply, or is it the motherboard?
  100. Partition Info seems to be gone
  101. Where to get an HD-TIVO repaired
  102. Help a TiVo newbie diagnose SA S2 GSOD issues ...
  103. Broken Svr-2000
  104. DSR6000 dead? Help - I can't accept this!
  105. SVR-2000 freezing only when Turbonet in?
  106. strange color flashing
  107. DSR6000 won't boot - possible fan problem?
  108. Help HDVR2 drive failure
  109. Sony T60 Reboots Every 7 to 10 Minutes
  110. dsr6000 ide cable problems after software upgrade
  111. DirecTivo S2 DSR7000 motherboard?
  112. Yet another DSR6000 problem
  113. Heat Sinks
  114. T60 reboots acquiring sat data at 27% - Is there a fix?
  115. What are Cylendrical SMT components in Tuner Can?
  116. Tuners Interchangeable between DSR600, SAT-T60 and GXCEBOT
  117. My Fix..SA Tivo lockup at "Your recorder is starting"
  118. DSR704 No power
  119. troubleshot Freezing Tivo --i think it's the OS
  120. Lost Power During Start Up
  121. hard drive swap between two lifetime SA S1 tivos
  122. Can I swap drives from dead system?
  123. Should I replace the power supply
  124. tuning problem... no 6's
  125. Wierd S1 Dtivo Tuner Behavior
  126. Suspected video encoder problem
  127. 3 bad segate drives in a row?
  128. SA S2 boot problems
  129. Dtivo wont boot
  130. Tivo LNBP15SP Tuner Chip DSR6000?
  131. DSR 7000 Clicking Power Supply
  132. cannot record / play recordings
  133. suggestions for sat-t60 repair
  134. Swapping Motherboards
  135. DRS6000 Power Supplies Clicking
  136. need parts or repair source for HD Directivo
  137. Problems hughes with SD-DVR40, drive won't boot
  138. HDVR2 certain transponders no signal
  139. looking for Front panel ribbon cable!
  140. Serial Port Fried? Is there a way to verify the serial port in a S1 SA Tivo?
  141. Schematic or Service Manual Series 1
  142. Startup Probs - Memory Problems?
  143. newbie with semi functioning TiVo
  144. Stuttering Playback on DirecTivo w/Turbonet
  145. Ir Port (remote) not responding on hdvr2 (merged)
  146. HDVR2 freezes at 70%
  147. SA S1 Tivo - No live TV
  148. Tivo HDR312 - Series 1 - User Error, HELP!
  149. compatible image for Tivo Series 1 - HDR312
  150. Satellite 1 No Signal
  151. Tivo - Series1 HDR312 - Audio/Video Glitches: HELP!
  152. DSR6000R fried modem - newbie q's
  153. t60 constant reboots
  154. Hard Drive LED question.
  155. Tivo SA S2 video output problem
  156. Swapping Drives
  157. Wounded in action
  158. SAT60 No Modem No Serial what's next?
  159. Dead DTVS2 HDVR2
  160. Restore Image
  161. Blown fuse / power supply fix
  162. Broken Card Slot
  163. Restoring Hughes S1 DTivo with Sony image
  164. Bad Harddrive? "Welcome... Powering Up"
  165. red screen on Hughes sd40 after image 4.0.1b install
  166. Losing network connectivity on gxcebot
  167. TIVO takes phone line off hook at poweron
  168. Dtivo not responding to remote control
  169. SDDVR40 Reboot Problem
  170. Kernel panic - rolling reboots
  171. Ser.1 Overheating
  172. AV chip reset error (was: startup problem)
  173. Searching For Signal on Tuner / Diplexer
  174. I think I broke my front-pannel board on my hd tivo.
  175. S-Video Out interfering with Tuner 2 on HDVR2
  176. Hard Drive wont Power Up
  177. Is my hard drive fried?
  178. DSR6000 Edgy Power Supply?
  179. Drive on the brink of failure
  180. Running Series2 DTiVo with no cover (split from: Tips of the Trade)
  181. Anyone know what the encryption chip is on Series 2 TCD240008A?
  182. Swap mobo in S1 DirecTivo?
  183. HDVR2 lost even transponders on tuner 1 AFTER 3.1.1e update
  184. DTivo Freezes then reboots
  185. Need some advice, Tivo 1 dying.
  186. Backing up a tivo hard drive with DD (errors)
  187. Non- Responsive Tivo - Lifetime Subscription???
  188. Dead fan
  189. It's Aliiiive!!
  190. Dead sound on S2 TCD24004A
  191. Color gone bad on unhacked S2 SA
  192. Tivo will not boot up screen...
  193. S1 Will not boot
  194. S1 F-connection.
  195. Broken (Green Screen) DTV Hughes DVR40 2 Drive setup w/ Sleeper Monte NEED HELP!!!
  196. hdr112 video shows wrong colors
  197. fuzzy channel 6
  198. Dead series 2 power supply???
  199. Rebooting Tivo
  200. Where to get PS for Series 2
  201. broken directv tivo dsr6000 won't boot
  202. Remote control and Sharp TV
  203. Moving drives to new Tivo
  204. Problem with signal and lnb
  205. HDVR2 power on light flashes but no video
  206. SAT-T60 randomly reboots and hangs at boot
  207. Green and Red lights on front w/ no hard drive installed
  208. S2 DTivo Gets Signal but...
  209. Partition Table keeps disappearing
  210. GXCEBOT tuner problems
  211. Help: Hardware/Software Issue? I can't tell.
  212. Frozen DirectTV Tivo! Need HELP!!!
  213. Sony Series 2 vs. Normal Series 2 IR
  214. Anyone try to fix a broken HDMI port? Should I try?
  215. blew out audio on series 1 tivo
  216. degraded sound
  217. HR10-250 question
  218. HD Replacement from new 540080 into broken HD 240080 ?
  219. Series 1 reboots w/ directtv cable in
  220. I broke my DSR6000 - Now what
  221. Freezing DTivo
  222. Sparks from power supply... any hope?
  223. Sont SVR-3000 Image needed for reload
  224. Hosed the first 42 gigs of my tivo drive. Can i save the MFS?
  225. Tivo restarting same time every night
  226. Weird Blue Garbage on TV Screen
  227. Optical out is dead on S1 DTiVo...
  228. 60 Hour series 2 won't power on
  229. T60 with dead Sat2
  230. lightning strike, sticks after cachecard init. how to diagnose?
  231. Tivo Tuner problem
  232. Recovery Possible?
  233. Made a Mistake and lost my DTIVO some
  234. Replacement power supply board for HR10-250???
  235. Help with SAT-T60 rebooting
  236. Dead Pioneer 810 power supply, need help
  237. Toshiba SD-H400 won't eject DVD.
  238. 2 DirecTivos - Same Problem - Same Time
  239. Dual Drive SA1 - Hard Drive Crash - Can not backup with MFS Tools
  240. RCA DVR39 stuck at Welcome Powering Up
  241. Dead Quantum drive
  242. HDVR2 Hardware Problem - Not Drive
  243. HR10-250 Freezing - not drive
  244. SVR-2000 v3.x Image Request
  245. Cannot boot after CacheCard install
  246. Modem doesn't detect dial tone on series 1
  247. looking for series 1 schematics
  248. do_page_fault in TCD540 after upgrade to 7.2
  249. No Serial Output
  250. Network Problems