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  1. Series 3 -- time for a new forum?
  2. Series 3 Information
  3. Anyone crack open their S3 yet?
  4. Idea about what the S3 can be used for
  5. Tivo Series 3 $699 with free shipping Google Checkout
  6. Lifetime subscription transfer from Series 2 to Series 3
  7. Who Killed TiVoToGo?
  8. Possible MRV in near future??
  9. Seagate DB35 drives?
  10. TivoCast
  11. S3 Hacks without breaking COT
  12. TivoToGo functionality via SAN?
  13. Series 3 console cable
  14. Series 3 caller ID: NCID
  15. eSATA functionality
  16. series 3 HD horsepower and recording rate...
  17. Overview of Hacking an S3
  18. Tivo Series 3 Upgrading
  19. Not sure if PROM is hacked properly or if initrd just isn't taking
  20. IR Commands Not Transmitting to Series 3 Tivo
  21. How to use Series 3 with IPTV provider?
  22. Prom modding 101.
  23. Popping a cherry
  24. TTG and MRV announced for S3 Tivos in November
  25. component + s-video
  26. One CableCARD failing
  27. s3tots: Convert series 3 TY/TY+/TMF to mpeg2 transport stream format
  28. Trying to get Tivo S3 to recognize mpg file?
  29. 9.2a rollout
  30. Not a TiVo super block! (magic=0xebbafeed)
  31. Internal Hardrive Upgrade???
  32. promed tivohd now what?
  33. Does the s3/TivoHD really need hacking?
  34. Will Tivo HD get guide in this Senior Community with no encryption so no cable card?
  35. Need help getting .ty/.ty+/.tmf files into new S3
  36. human readable naming for s3tots extractions..
  37. TivoHD high load average...normal?
  38. RRDTools port to tivo?
  39. Sample rc.sysinit.author
  40. Tivo HD official thread
  41. ESATA Drive for Tivo HD?
  42. MRV Between S3 and S2
  43. MRV between S2 and S3, versions?
  44. *nix command to batch d/l TTG files
  45. Linux tools to interface wtih Series 3?
  46. A neat trick for hackers
  47. Want tivo extender
  48. Modified Tivo as a network encoder
  49. TiVo Series 3 Hidden Digital Channels
  50. Can you use multi-room viewing with a Series 3 TiVo HD & a TiVo running older softwar
  51. Questions about uploading video to a TiVo HD
  52. DRM check
  53. Need prom code for Tivo HD
  54. Is it possible to remove the "Gold Star" ads without modding the PROM?
  55. How can I adjust TimeoutToLiveTVSeconds?
  56. S2 to S3 differences
  57. Will a 9.2a THD kernel support V2 swap partitions?
  58. To clarify on modding a Tivo HD
  59. ftp fetch while recording off of two cablecards ?
  60. Extract mpeg2-ts directly from series 3
  61. misc. questions - an s3 'df' and ftp deletion ?
  62. QAM Channel Mapping
  63. Thinking of Buying a Series 3 cablecard Tivo
  64. MRV from TivoHD to old DirecTivos
  65. 9.3 Experimental Rollout
  66. UPGRADESOFTWARE flag being ignored!?
  67. --> Need Help with TivoHD !
  68. share .tmf with series 3.
  69. Series 3, 9.3a, usb & kernel backport -- but slow net speeds?
  70. clock slip with ntpd and 9.3?
  71. USB NIC on Tivo HD ?
  72. Run Series 3 With NO internal drive?
  73. Trouble Upgrading Tivo HD
  74. series 3 dieing with this error while watching and rebooting
  75. Checks and balances
  76. Newbie Question
  77. Tivo web interface bug: missing png?
  78. burn blue-ray
  79. mfs live backup
  80. TiVo Series3 HD OR TiVo HD
  81. can I identify protected vs. unprotected content on the same box ?
  82. Guide to consolidating a Series 3 TiVo without losing any recordings
  83. 9.4 on S3/HD?
  84. Replace initrd
  85. Are there any hacks for The TIVO HD?
  86. 2 x 750GB -> 2 x 1TB - Can I do this and keep recordings?
  87. any way to record on series 3 from vcr
  88. Prom Day for the Summer?
  89. ppv
  90. de-hacking a series 3
  91. How do I get mget to work on mfs_ftp ?
  92. pushing videos
  93. Removing CopyProtectionInfo from S3/TivoHD Recordings
  94. Updated HD channel lineup with FIOS
  95. 11.0 on S3/HD
  96. Fix (possibly) corrupt OS --OR-- rescue shows?
  97. Drive / partition / volume limits currently in place on a Tivo HD?
  98. Reason to modify PROM
  99. One of my Tivo drives never boots and doesn't write any logs
  100. netflix
  101. setting a user/pass for mfs_ftp ?
  102. Does Homieflash work on a modified THD?
  103. more problems with mfs_ftp and mget - untransferrable files ?
  104. major bug in 11.0 s3
  105. Calibration images - How to get perfect copies on the Tivo
  106. PROM Mod for Tivo HD XL
  107. Cant get my moms s3 to upgrade to 11.x
  108. no logos
  109. TiVo incorrectly handles resolutions or aspect ratios.
  110. Can I beg a series 3 image off someone?
  111. 11.0b sitting in mfs
  112. Looked all over...where can I get TivoTools (All-in-1) and tivoftp for s3 tivoHD?
  113. TiVo HD Australia has no support for second drives?!
  114. Assistance with finding tivoapp patches for Australian Tivo
  115. S3 hack for CCI after PROM mod
  116. Identifying contents of Spigot Map
  117. Aspect ratio issues. I am about to cry. Why hasn't TiVo fixed this yet?
  118. /MenuItem/22 reconstruction?
  119. 11.0b changes
  120. Australian Tivo Slap in the face
  121. OZ: How to find content of software update
  122. Pulling hair out-Tivo no longer availble on network
  123. OZ: Patches for tivoapp 11.1a-01-2
  124. OZ: Hacks and Kernel Patch no longer appears to work after update?
  125. Tivo HD I am LOST
  126. 11.0c sitting in MFS
  127. No Internal Drive on S3
  128. need a new tivoapp patch to turn off pause adds
  129. I think my tivo is circling the drain.
  130. Series 3 to Tivo HD MRV stops working
  131. OZ: Bootpage Modification for Software Update Blocking
  132. Restoring from virgin image using winmfs?
  133. OZ: Latest Software Tivoapp Patches
  134. TiVoHD Bootpage Help
  135. Restored using supafly's virgin image, but stuck screen "Just a few minutes more"
  136. 11.0d sitting in MFS
  137. preserving hacks on 11.0c ->11.0d transition without opening the case??
  138. Failed socket job
  139. Serial port on Tivo HD
  140. Streaming from Tivo HD?
  141. hacking the getprom binary
  142. Tivo HD boot issue
  143. Benefits of NoCSO patch in multi tivo house.
  144. 125 seperate swedishChef processes running?
  145. Problem with S3
  146. new problem transferring shows between tivos
  147. Upgraded Tivo HD Cable Card issue
  148. I really don't know the best way to say this but I at least have to try....
  149. Can anyone burn a prom for me.
  150. Tivo Series 3 & fixup
  151. Compiling s3tots
  152. S3 To TS GUI: GUI for BCC's s3tots
  153. Hacked TivoHD to see why slow net performance
  154. TivoHD as a tuner only (e.g. emulating HDHomeRun)
  155. vserver, tserver, mfs_ftp, TivoWebPlus, oh my!!!
  156. 2 hacked tivos - MRV for older shows?
  157. No HDMI output on THD
  158. tried a resocket, total failure
  159. Enhanced NOCSO patch?
  160. Ncidd (CallerID) stops working after 3-4 days
  161. THD Stuck in Boot
  162. Needed: s3 PROM
  163. Do USA Tivo's have the New HD Interface?
  164. TiVO HD Freezing
  165. S3 rebooting every 20 minutes
  166. Botched PROM Job Lifted a PAD
  167. 11.0f sitting in MFS
  168. strange homieflash 1.5 error: error reading (null)
  169. Info about what's currently being watched
  170. standalone drmcheck for non tivo ?
  171. Buffers - separate for tuners and streaming?
  172. Missing "Tivo Control Station"
  173. Framechannel update causes no boot
  174. CableCard paring data -- possible to save from borked drive?
  175. Reboot Loop -- logs attatched --bad hardware - (not harddrive?)
  176. need dlna software
  177. 11.0h is rolling out
  178. upgrade software using telnet
  179. Close call: Upgrade forced attempt despite bootpage settings?
  180. OZ: Tivo Automatic Extended Recordings
  181. Stuttering issue I have never seen and its driving me MAD!! (not hard drive)
  182. TyToMpg won't work for me :(
  183. SSD suggestions! Concatenation with modified partition layout? Shrunken A drive?
  184. curious what this kernel error means
  185. S3 remote doesn't work anymore!
  186. 11.0j starting to roll out.
  187. Tivo HD 11.0h patches - soft restart and VOD not working?
  188. Maddening Series 3 problems
  189. Best/Easiest Way: TiVoHD to Blu-Ray--help!
  190. PROM Mod Success, but can't mount 1.5TB drive
  191. Is it possible to backout tivoapp hacks?
  192. Inserting Shows into TiVo HD
  193. S3 - getting slower & slower
  194. stupid norton flagging pytivo installer as virus
  195. New Prom Mod
  196. MRV with TiVo HDs on another account
  197. How Can I Change the Background Images and Menus
  198. OZ: TiVo software pending update forcing nightly reboot
  199. Music Channel functionality
  200. OZ: Two updates sitting in MFS
  201. Improve Transfer Speeds
  202. Bad HDD?
  203. Tivo Series 3 HD With Cable Card Question???
  204. New to Tivo Series 3
  205. Need a prom dump for series 3
  206. PSA: TiVo HD's Hit By Capacitor Plague!
  207. /var/hack wiped on reboot
  208. 11.0k starting to roll out
  209. PROM mod fail: Is there anything I can do?
  210. MTA for TiVo
  211. Any working methods of streaming from modded S3 to XBMC
  212. Tivo HD stuck at "Welcome! Powering up..."
  213. problem in updating to 11.0k
  214. Messed up 11.0k upgrade. Am I hosed?
  215. Best practices for Comcast?
  216. Tivo HD not responding to Remote - Must Restart
  217. Soldered PROM into TiVo HD; fans come on, but no 'post'
  218. 2T hard drive in a hacked S3 TiVo
  219. 'nothanks' and 'ignoredrmsig1 & 2'
  220. 11.0k upgrade fails while building basic filesystem skeleton
  221. S3 TiVo HD recorded (extractable) video format?
  222. Sound popping on S3
  223. Force Garbage Collection & Guide Indexing
  224. linux can't read my tivo hard drive
  225. Does running an older version make your Media Access Key expire/not avialable?
  226. what does eMfsTooFast mean?
  227. TivoHD with 2TB
  228. TivoHD Reboots Every 20 Minutes
  229. Hacking TivoHD with 2TB
  230. Flickering power light on tivo HD
  231. Odd Transfer Issue
  232. Cablecard settings
  233. Extracting and Inserting Slices
  234. THD with greater than 2TiB of recording space?
  235. Manually Forcing mfsassert -please
  236. 51killer.tcl on 11.x?
  237. Series 3 expanded stock 250->750 once, Now want to expand again to 1 or 2 TB
  238. MFSCOPY in WinMFS taking days! Still running.
  239. Stuck in Guided Setup loop. Is there a "Running fakecall.tcl for dummies" or similar?
  240. Advanced format (4k hard sector size) drive usage in tivos.
  241. Disabling EAS messages
  242. TivoHD randomly reboots
  243. series 3 stuck on welcome powering up
  244. Transfer Speed Issues
  245. S3-Gen6 getting an all gray screen!
  246. Large B drives - How do I properly update the Superheader to include HDB4 and HDB5?
  247. Where is service number stored on Tivo HD motherboard
  248. Anyone doing S3 PROM mods still
  249. Jailbroken TivoHD to bypass copy protection
  250. xfinity