View Full Version : $69.99 luggage piece for a buck ! can you believe it?

06-19-2000, 09:38 PM
#1 go to this link
www.netmarket.com/MEM/scripts/secure/Ext1PTemplate1.asp ?SID=71230F0546D211D49c7717ffa129926a&PromotePageId=Entry (http://www.netmarket.com/MEM/scripts/secure/Ext1PTemplate1.asp?SID=71230F0546D211D49c7717ffa129926a&PromotePageId=Entry)

#2 fill out all the info and cc

#3 in three weeks you will receive membership package and it will include reply card and after you send in the reply card your luggage piece will be sent via UPS.
#4 when you will receive your luggage piece call the same day and cancel your membership to avoid $69.99 membership charge after 3 month.

#5 Enjoy !

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06-20-2000, 05:26 PM
has anybody done this yet?

06-20-2000, 05:28 PM
the link is being redirected to the standard Netmarket page. So perhaps it wont work now.

06-20-2000, 05:58 PM
Same for me..

- Vadim
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06-20-2000, 09:34 PM
i done this offer and many other people done it then when they got the luggage simply called and cancelled membership. but it takes around three weeks to get it. I probably will sell it on ebay for around $50.

try this link