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03-23-2002, 03:33 PM
I Bought A Broken Tivo Read About Fixing It up Bought 2 Hard Drives Installed Them With 25Xtreme My Unit Is a DSR6000 I Have Tried Everything to get the bash to work tried teraterm, hyperterm tried two different Serial Cables Two Different Audio Jacks Switched Cables Around All I ever get Is A Bunch Of garbage Scrolling Down The Terminal screen never stops gives me a prompt or anything My settings are vt100 9600 n81 No Flow Control I just dont get it any body have any ideas on what I should do next I am on my way to Radio Shack to Try Some other wires Please help me out this newbie is goin nutz and I have been reading for 3 days Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh All you guys that have been helping are the greatest and I just love this new toy to play with who would have thought Hu Unlooping and my Tivo would be here both in the same week.

03-23-2002, 09:17 PM
Probably a cable problem.
If all else fails get the cable from TiVo ===> here (http://store.tivo.com/Detail.bok?&no=37)

You will also need a null modem adapter (RS 26-264) and a gender changer (RS 264-230).

Not the cheapest way to go ($20-$25), but it might save you a lot of frustration.

03-24-2002, 03:41 AM
All I ever get Is A Bunch Of garbage Scrolling Down The Terminal screen never stops gives me a prompt or anything My settings are vt100 9600 n81 No Flow Control

You could test your cable by shorting the tip of the stereo mini plug to the center ring. Run your terminal program and type in some characters, If your cable is good, the characters you type in should echo back on the screen.

It sounds to me like your Tivo unit may be messed up though, because even if you had the wrong communication paramaters set, you would get some garbage characters, but you wouldn't have data scrolling down the screen endlessly. Worst case scenario, if your TiVo's serial port is broken, you could install a tivonet card and use that to communicate with the system.

How does your TiVo work otherwise? Does it boot normally? Have you tried re-installing 25Xtreme? You might even try downloading Xtreme from another source.

My system did something similar once. For some reason when I connected the terminal, I got a bunch of bash prompts scrolling down the screen. When I tryed typing in escape (and a bunch of other things to make it stop), I lost the bash prompt entirely. I simply rebooted the unit and everything has worked fine ever since.

Good luck.

04-03-2002, 04:07 PM
try: ansi, 9600,8,n,1 and Xon/Xoff Works fine here with teraterm and hyperterminal.

04-07-2002, 01:08 PM
Make a new cable from scratch.

Disregard any references you have read about colors not all cables use the same color scheme.

Stereo mini jack female db9

Tip pin 2
middel ring pin 3
Sleeve pin 5


Go play with bash!

04-10-2002, 04:20 PM
Check your cable.

Disconnect the cable from the Tivo

Does the garbage stop?

If so connect transmit to receive. With echo off in the terminal SW you should see what you type appearing. This proves that data is coming out of your port and back in. Remove the short and the echo should dissapear.

If not your serial port is naff on your PC.

If you can get echo and stop echo with a short then I would suggest.

Plug the cable back in the Tivo and go through all the baud rates on your teminal SW to see if at some speed the garbage makes sense. (this is unlikely). If you are using hyperterminal then you must disconnect and reconnect for each baud rate because the changes don't take effect until you do.

Normally if garbage is spewing out of a serial port it is because the input stage of the RS232 convertor (max 232 or equivalent) is knackered. If it were the output stage then the data would not be decoded and given to the terminal screen. The other option is that the rs232 convertor is OK but whatever drives it is knackered. This is not good. If the Tivo uses a seperate chip for the serial drive then it is usually fairly easy to replace.

You will need to investigate this with an oscilloscope unfortunately.