View Full Version : Which version is which? 25XTREME - T60

03-28-2002, 07:22 AM
hey guys

i know theres been alot of posts on the topic, but i cant seem to find a clear answer here or on avsforums.

basically - im trying to find out which is the correct/latest version of 25xtreme to run on a sat t60 with one 40gb drive. ive seen versions out by surgeon, dennis, and digtz - all with similar filenames but dissimilar file sizes and dates.

can anyone shed some light on which is the 'correct' version. ie what should the version number, iso file size, and md5 checksum be for each? if you're feeling chatty, maybe an explanation of the history of the different releases (i.e surgeon vs dsboyce8624 vs. glitched vs tivolator) and the features (pro's/cons)

here are the links ive seen:

any help would be appreciated.