View Full Version : Thanks Vadim!

04-10-2002, 12:12 PM
With the posting police working overtime over at avs, it's nice to know there's at least one place where free speech is still allowed.

Thanks again, dude!

you know you can't even post a link to this board over there anymore?!? sheesh.....

04-12-2002, 12:23 PM
:) Glad to be at your service.

My comments on AVS must be kept to myself. BTW They deleted my account over there.

05-06-2002, 10:10 PM
Vadim -

May I summarize in your stead?

The folks at avsforum need to recall that their users paid for the server the tivo forum runs on, through both donations we made last year and our purchases of tivo hardware and services, from which tivo can sponsor the forum. Not to mention that we provide all the content and all the usage, without which that forum has no substance.