View Full Version : Dish Network Newbie

04-17-2002, 10:17 PM
Ok, I have no clue about DSS or any satellite shit and I got a question that probably applies to most dishes. But in my case I have a Dish Network dish and a Echostar 3000, but unfourtunatly the echostar got all banged up and snap crackle and pops when turned on. I'm wondering if I get another receiver, could I hook it up using the same card w/ no problems?
Btw, the dish and receiver were ripped off from someone a few years ago, so obvoiusly I shouldnt be plugging it into the phoneline, will not plugging it into the phone cause any problems for me?
Also, any links to sites with good info for newbies such as how it all actually works, pertaining to the card, phoneline, bullets, ect.
Thanks in advance.