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04-24-2002, 01:21 PM
I just got a Sony T60 and am going the Extreme upgrade (much thanks to Surgeon, Bubba and all others who put a lot of effort). I've read these boards. I've upgraded my share of PC's and Tivo upgrade doesn't look any harder. Some (basic) questions.

1) The suggested links have multiple extreme files, an examination of the ISO files shows 2 different variations, I made both CD's the difference is the image file for the SONY. Does it matter which I use?

2) I plan to keep my original drive in case I ever have to reverse the upgrade. Is there a way to save my original BIOS in case I ever need to go back.

3) I assume heat is the preferred way to remove the security sticker.

4) I am using a normal (subscribed) access card. Am I correct it assuming the PPV and locals scripts are intended for those with "enhanced" access cards.