View Full Version : Need Help Getting more hours after upgrade

04-29-2002, 10:26 PM
I've upgraded my HDR112 using the one larger 'A' drive method (planning to add a 'B'drive in the future).
I used a new Maxtor 80gb 5400 drive. My result was 88 hours and 44 minutes at basic quality. I have seen others that have gotten 91 hours or even 95 hours at basic quality on an 80gb drive. I would like to get that extra few hours.
First tried a straight backup/restore of my original 13.7 drive, with an image size of 167meg. Next did a full factory reset, then zaptivo, and got an image of 99meg. Same number of hours on the finished drive both times.
I have ver 2.5 software. Does the software version make a difference? Searching has not led me to an answer. Any help is much appreciated.