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05-07-2002, 04:59 PM
I have a DSR6000 (5 gen ) DTivo reciever and i am using a 3M HU script. Out of the 5 areas i get (BI, AT, GB, GV, NA) I can only get guide data for two (AT, NA). The rest say "to be anounced". I have heard that if you change the local and guide bytes to reflect the channels you recieve no guide data in that it would fill in within 3 hours. i have tried that with no luck. here is the weird thing.
I put the card in the glitcher, use Extreme HU 3.1, change the local and Guide Byte (GB is 1f/08) and write in to card using 27401 as a zip code. i read to card just to make sure it takes and after 3 hours (and no results) I re-read the same card.
The Local byte is the same (1f) but the guide byte is now 00!!!!

please tell me how to fix this and any other methods to try to get all of my guide data in.

Thanks for the help guys!!!!!!!!!!

ps...i am using mvchannels.tcl and i have tried midupdate.tcl and still no change

pps...i am in no way asking for anything to do with "hacking" dtv...just wanted to give you the whole story

05-08-2002, 09:09 PM
I found myself experiencing the same dilemna, I get MI, WP, OR, TP. Initially I got the Miami, and Orlando guide info while Tampa and West palm just said TBA. First time it took 3 days and then suddenly the guide filled in. Second time took almost a week. I don't know what the catalyst might have been. But I believed as you do that I must need to change the eeprom. Turned out I was wrong, as long as you are getting video image then I believe the guide will eventually fill in. I too have the DSR 6000 so be patient. Oh and if you want to keep the Mvchannels running avoid the new 25upgrade. For right now there is not a working version of mvchannels for that.