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05-09-2002, 08:23 PM
I just bought a buddy's busted Tivo, replaced the broken B drive and now am the proud owner of a Tivo. I actually used it last night to record "Enterprise" using a Season's pass to the show. Well, "Enterprise" came on and recorded just fine, but at about 9:00 I switched over to NBC to watch "The West Wing". However, since UPN was running two back-to-back "Enterprise" episodes, Tivo switched it BACK to UPN to start recording the 2nd "Enterprise".

I currently have the Tivo connected via S-Video, analog audio cables and IR "blasters" to the cable box. I gather from the manual that you can hook cable directl into the RF input on the Tivo and record cable TV without using the cable box. I'm about 90% sure that's what I want to do. However, I get digital cable service (primarily for HDTV but also for extra channels) and would kind of like to also keep the Tivo connected the way it is so that it can record the digital tier of services through the cable box and the analog tier of channels directly. Is this even possible?

My buddy (who upgraded to a series 2 Tivo when the one he sold me stopped working) has something similar to this on his system. He records analog cable directly (channels 2-99) and has a satellite dish receiver hooked up as well. When he requests a channel that is numbered 100 or higher, his Tivo records properly from the reciever. When he requests channels that are numbered below 100, it records directly from cable.

Is it possible to do something like this with the cable box instead of the satellite dish for channels higher than 100? That would cover my digital tier of channels while allowing me the freedom to record analog cable channels while watching someting else with the cable tuner.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated by this Tivo newbie!

05-10-2002, 12:31 PM
Anything over 99 should pull from the video ports instead of the rf. You seem to want to have two diffrent cable lineup on the system (basic<100/digital>99). Try it. You will need to go thru the channels recieved and eliminate the duplicates. If you have two entries for the same UPN station, the tivo will pick whichever one it wants to record from if it thinks both are avavilabe. It used to be the first one that was entered in the database and pre 2.5 that was usually the RF channel. The last time I checked it under 2.5 it defaulted to the Video input.