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06-24-2000, 04:39 PM
O.K., I checked thru our search tool: nobody seems to have promoted this so far...
As earlier posted by some people (on Internet Deals page, I think), this site DOES send you checks once your earnings exceed $5. Signing up for sites pays between $1-3 depending on the site. Signing up for some deals, like long distance may pay more: there's one up paying $25.
Just one request from me: since I suppose many of us read the fine print before signing up, please do the research by using www.registeronce.com (http://www.registeronce.com)
and thereafter sign up using
this referal link (https://www.registeronce.com/Vendors.asp?mktg=ZRNQ10&RID=672439) so that I can get some credit.
Good Luck

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