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05-10-2002, 01:54 PM
I do NOT know the proper term, I tried a search for stuttering and skipping and came up with nothing although I know I've seen it befor. ]

I recentley added a 2nd 60gb samsung HD 5400 rpm, I have the newer hard drive cable. I also added some heatsinks inside on the hotest chips. The inside temp runs around 30-31c. The problem is sometines I get skipping, tearing, stuttering, whatever you call it. Most of the time it is ok but yesterday one program was really bad. Every minuit took about 5 minuits to view as the picture would hang and the audio would drop out, If I hit FF it would take minuits to get by it and when I let go it would jump back to the beginning again. A one hour program took about 3 hours to get through it with much lost audio but virtuallyall the video. Ther recorder was unatended at the time no updates or anything going on. Normally the audio just stutters ocasionally with some screen tearing. Normally its not really often but since adding the newest HD it is worse. Not every show only some and it doesnt seem to matter if Im doing something else with it or not.

Im hoping its just happining where the new 60gb has not been written to. Im in the process of filling the HD up to max, hoping that will fix it. The problem comes and goes, sometimes if you replay the part it clears up sometimes not.


05-13-2002, 12:30 PM
I recently have seen the same thing. My second drive (WD 100G) has been working fine for about 6 months and am now seeing stuttering. It has been exponentially getting worse to the point that it will freeze on a frame and won't take any input ie: fast forward, tivo button, or even power button.

I read somewhere that there is a "defrag" type option that can be done but the drive needs to be removed and placed in another machine to accomplish this. I have a friend who may have done this so when I hear from him I will post my findings.

05-13-2002, 01:33 PM
I found the problem Saterday and was going to post it today.
After filling up both HD's it didnt help, so next I was going to check the Power supply in the Tivo for noise, but when I grabbed one of the PS connectors the TIVO froze. I let it go and it returned to normal. Upon further inspection I found that one of the HD power connectors was loose. I pulled it apart and with a pointed tool smashed in one side of female socket to make the male a tight fit again. Since Saterday no freezing. I assume that either the 12v or ground was causing a voltage loss due to a high resistance and temp contraction and expansion.
I suggest that you open your Tivo and wiggle both HD connectors while its playing and see if yours freezes. The one that was bad on mine was the Original master drive that came off the a splitter.