View Full Version : ok a newbie's newbie question

05-13-2002, 08:25 PM
is there anyway to use "bash" to see just how much empty space you have left on your hard drive? i have a DSR6000 with 108hrs recording time (a 40gig and a 80gig). i have tons of stuff on it and i just would like to see how much room is left.

05-15-2002, 09:42 AM
the MFS data is maintained on partitions that are not structured as normal (or abnormal :D ) Linux filesystems. in short, nope . . . this is one of the most favorite questions, with one of the least favorite answers . . . sorry.

on the other hand, if you have a Bash prompt, and want to check the free disk space on your mounted /root and /var partitions, just use the df command . . .