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06-09-2002, 12:59 PM
1-800-SNAPPLE Free Snapple Drink
1-800-637-2233 Free Nescafe Coffee
1-800-373-3832 Free Herbal Tea
1-800-200-9272 Free Ranch Style Beans
1-800-272-9652 Free Crayola Stain Removal Guide
1-800-330-3966 Free Post-It Notes for Ink-Jet & Laser Printers
1-888-554-3767 Free Magnetic Bounty Snack Bag
1-888-502-8393 Free Adobe Image Library Browser Demo CDROM
1-888-428-3366 Free Aveno Skin Lotion
1-888-368-1305 Free Edge Pro Gel Sample
1-800-787-0078 x40 Free Purina One Dogfood
1-800-562-3434 Free Peach Ice Tea Crystal Light
1-800-473-7243 Free Pepcid Sample
1-800-257-8650 Free Beano
1-888-478-7355 (1) Free sample of Purell Hand Sanitizer
1-800-959-1007 Free sample of "TPR" - Therapeautic Pain Rub
1-800-652-9754 Free Oil of Olay Moisturizing Body Wash & Free Puff ball .7oz
1-800-247-7730 Free sample "N-ZYME5"
1-800-447-8841 Free 4-Day Trial of HT-400 Weight Loss Supplement
1-800-952-3880 Free sample of "Resource" Nutritional Drink- Choc. or Van.
1-800-222-6846 Free Gorton's Seafood Recipes Booklet
1-800-997-7358 Free sample of "Vita-Spelt" Grain Baking Product
1-888-647-5334 Free Pledge Coupon
1-800-810-0875 Free MaxFactor Lasting Performance Foundation
1-800-548-3663 Free (3oz) sample of Rembrandt Toothpaste!
1-800-600-3237 Free sample Dad's Brand Premium Puppy Food
1-800-428-4795 Free Ziploc Baggie's Money Saving Coupons
1-800-583-9966 Goodnights from Huggies
1-800-632-8935 NutraSweet E-Z Survival Kit
1-800-583-7778 SoftLens 66 Contact Lenses
1-800-222-9546 Free Similac Baby Formula Sample
1-800-453-4844 Disney Vacation Planning Video
1-800-335-2243 Cutex Ultra Nail Lacquer
1-800-361-8068 Trial Pack of O.B. Applicator Tampons
1-800-318-8730 Sweet Success Meal Planner
1-800-632-5847 Free coupon and Recipes from McCormick
1-800-523-4660 Free "Miracle Whip Cooks" Recipes Booklet
1-800-874-0261 Free 3-pc sampler of Old-Tyme Sugar-Free Taffy
1-800-858-6673 Breathe-Right Nasal Strips sample and $1.50 Coupon
1-800-448-3022 Free Slimfits Tampons from Playtex
1-800-41-GUMBO Louisiana Tourism Vacation Kit
1-800-874-6586 Free Good Seasonings Roasted Garlic Salad Dressing Sample
1-800-FREE-SOY Free Kimlan Soy Sauce
1-800-747-7418 Free Mai tonic tea sample
1-800-284-9123 Free Sample EverClean Shampoo
1-888-283-7972 x144 Free Sample Computer Labels
1-800-542-2939 Cycletrol Cat Litter Box Freshener
1-800-688-3933 Free Odorless Garlic(kyalic) tablets
1-888-628-4478 Free Ocushist Eye Drops
1-800-986-8535 Free Ensure Sample
1-800-443-7237 Free Gerber "Dices" Sample
1-800-985-2220 Free Halogen Light Bulb Cover
1-888-CORTEXX Free Cortexx Shampoo Sample
1-800-383-0251 Ink Solv30 hand cleaner Sample

06-10-2002, 01:06 AM