View Full Version : Any reason to save scrambled files?

06-20-2002, 09:13 PM
From reading this newsgroup for a few weeks I gather that it is possible to boot a kernel that will disable the local encryption/scrambling of file onto the disk. I have a bunch of stuff (the HBO Band of Brothers series) that I have saved but I am running the stock OS so I assume that the files are scrambled. I have not read anywhere that anyone has be successful at descrambling these files for later archiving.

My question: should I try to archive these for later descrambling or should I just trash them and start over with xtreme25 or Tivolator?


07-03-2002, 03:43 AM
Your question is my question. As of tonight I have a DSR6000 with 25xtreme, TurboNET, and TiVoWEB but someone months ago did the 25xtreme so I don't even know if my vids recorded after 25xtreme are scrambled, or whether it even matters or not.

Plus, after all is said and done what is the best current extraction utility since due to my inexperience I cannot even determine a total list of the current offerings.

I tried TivoApp (after re-re-reading the utterly uninformative single paragraph of instructions) and it didn't load.