View Full Version : Is there an FAQ? What's the diff between xtreme2.5 and Tivolator?

06-20-2002, 09:21 PM
I have been lurking here for a while. I have an Phillips DSR6000 and I want to be able to "archive" some of the recordings, ultimately to a recordable DVD. Is this currently possible? Is there a FAQ or Howto that documents this? Thanks for any pointers.

06-25-2002, 07:51 PM

See the above link, then look for a stick"How TO" thread at the top of the "Direct TV Tivo Hacking Forum". I've never done extraction, I just know about these threads. Good luck. If you get stuck, post a question in the Direct TV forum, if you've read and can't find your answer there.

06-25-2002, 08:48 PM
tivolater: takes your currently hacked 2.0.x image and upgrades it to 2.5, applying the prom and bash hacks along the way, same as 25xtreme

25xtreme/t60xtreme: takes any dtivo, wipes the drive clean, installs 2.0, and uses that to upgrade to 2.5

both produce the same results, but tivolater will save anything that would normally be saved during an upgrade (like recordings, thumbs data, season passes, etc)