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06-22-2002, 08:06 AM
Well, I guess it's time to bring this Catagory back to life again.

XBOX has been hacked, various modchip type devices can be purchased for the novice soldering skilled guys.

For those of us that can solder and get paid for it, there's the cheap way of removing the flash chip, reprogramming it, and putting on a socket for the flash. Extender 1.1 was released by the folks making the extender mod chip. I use this method and it works flawlesly. I've done about 6 other XBOXs this way and had no issues yet.

06-22-2002, 12:04 PM
yeah, xtender 1.1 / mrsporty's 1.0 both work fine. however, instead of soldering to the 29 tiny test points, a new method has emerged.

by tying to the LPC debug points and tying D0 of the onboard flash to GND, we can use the LPC points for a new flash. The benefit is that the LPC points are through-hole, and spaced for a pin header (like an ide cable style header).

visor ( put together some info on using a xilinx CPLD to connect between a standard flash and the LPC bus, but suggested an LPC flash would be even easier. so, this has come out of that. using an SST49LF020 (http://www.sst.com/products/pdf/S71175.pdf), here is the proposed connections:

D0 of onboard flash to GND

LPC -> SST49LF020
1 -> 31
2 -> 7,16,28,29
3 -> 23
5 -> 2
7 -> 17
8 -> 15
9 -> 25,32
10 -> 14
11 -> 13

the SST49LF020 comes in a PLCC32 package, but through hole sockets are available from places like digi-key. unfortunately, i dont have any of the SST49LF020 chips to test yet.

the Xilinx chips come in a PLCC44 package, and that solution is ideal if you have regular flash chips already available.

the best part about this is the ease of installing the header onto the xbox motherboard.

06-22-2002, 01:57 PM
Note that the mrsporty 1.0 version has issues with macrovision still being on and it won't play some of the newer releases. Consider it obsolete and only use the 1.1 version.

07-09-2002, 06:00 PM
Mr Sporty's was actually based off of Xtender v1.0. I would not recommend using it.

The Enigma final and the Xtender v1.1 are very similar. You can program/mod your XBOX in one of several ways:

- Remove the TSOP FLASH BIOS and re-program in a programmer and either solder in a TSOP socket or solder the chip back in. (Since you have it out already, you should put a socket in)

- Use a TSOP clip to re-program the FLASH

- Program an EPROM or FLASH in a DIP package, solder in the 30 or so wires to override the onboard flash. If you go this route, you only need a 256KB size chip. I went with an ATMEL 29C020 from www.digi-key.com. The soldering is pretty straightforward and the solder points aren't too small. Anyone with some soldering skills should be able to get through this as long as they're patient and a little careful.

The BIOS I would recommend flashing is the one released by Evolution X. Their latest version is v2.2. This booted with their dashboard allows you to flash the onboard BIOS through their flashing application. You can then remove your old modchip and away you go.

If you're having troubles finding the BIOS images, etc. You can try searching on the edonkey P2P network or log onto an EFNET IRC server and look in #xbins.