View Full Version : TurboNet and Xtreme

06-28-2002, 09:31 AM
I just finished upgrading my DSR6K with a 120gb HDD and a turbonet card. (Couldn't pass up the 120gb from outpost.com for $116.00 shipped! Needed turbonet since my modem died.)

I tried installing 2.5xtreme software from the boot disk and then turbonet software from boot disk, but the unit locks on power up.

So I reimaged it from an old 2.5 disk, installed turbonet and got that running, and then xtremed. Obviously that didn't work.

So question is...is there a way to make turbonet work under 2.5xtreme?

I't currently got 2.5.2 (received update two nights ago) and turbonet. I can telnet/ftp/tivoweb/etc. to the unit with no problems, but there are two other items I'd like that I think I need xtreme for...clearlogs and 'touch subtest' functionality.