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06-29-2002, 04:15 AM
Been happily using my Tivo for a while with 1.5XX software (UK model) and wanted to put tivoweb on. All the time that I have had the tivonet card in the kernel log file gets loads of:-

e) kernel: eth0: Interrupted while interrupts are masked! isr=0xc9 imr=0x60.
ne) kernel: eth0: Interrupted while interrupts are masked! isr=0xa9 imr=0xc9.

that message.

I went back to an unhacked image and let the tivo call home and it upgraded to 2.5. It is now hoplessly slow and doesn't respond to the remote at all well. Previously unless I was doing something unreasonable at the bash prompt like a DD copy or similar the picture on the tv never bothered as ps x or used joe. Now even if I list a folder contents the tivo freezes while it happens and the above message is appearing hundreds of times. The tivo log file reaches about 1 meg in about 10 hours. Seems a bit excessive to me.

Any suggestions?

Is there any way to mimic the live_cache_size that was available in 1.5 but seems to be missing in 2.5. If not then I am about to go backwards a step because I dont think I can live with less than 4 hours now.

06-29-2002, 12:41 PM
8390.o is OK, it's tivone.o that is slowing the Tivo down.

It is the one for 2.5 and I have tried the others, they don't load but the Tivo is taking 15 seconds to change channels if I load it.

Any alternatives?

07-02-2002, 12:37 PM
So I sorted the slowing down problem. For any that may meet it in the future it was the network card.

The card that came from 9th tee didn't work. It installed correctly and showed a link, ran probe.o OK but I couldn't ping it. I put another one that I had lying about in and the network worked OK but the Tivo slowed down. I tried to find out why and it was related to interrupts. I replaced this second card with another one and the problems all vanished. There was no real difference between the cards, all had the same chipset but different manufacturers.

No idea why it was as it was but it's sorted now.

Still not got a solution for the live TV rewind time in 2.5 and would appreciate some pointers.