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07-08-2002, 05:30 AM
Does anyone with a uk tivo have playback working?

I've played with playitsam and that seems ok, bar sometimes problems demuxing the streams if editing, and a bug restarting myworld which is in progress.. (Don't use -M for now, just restart)

However I've tried playback and I can't fathom it at all.

I find smb to be really unstable, as in if I map it and then try to ls, 50% of the time it will reboot.

If someone could confirm it works on their Tivo, I could give it another go...

TheDoctor, could you confirm as to what has to be where?

I believe that /mnt/playback must be a mount to a share.. Is this share is just for streams or does it have to contain anything else?
I'm not sure how the communication between systems is done, as in, you are running the code both ends from the same directory and passing things in files. As the windows end takes an ip address I guess not, but I'm just checking everything I can think of..

(as an aside are there any issue with correct access permissions with creating mount points? I mounted rw to create the playback directory with mk playback. Must it stay rw all the time to use the mount?)

Also, running the windows end under xp, I get lots of text running thru the forms title bar, and nothing else ever gets shown. Is this normal?

Sorry for all the questions, Just finally got access to the Tivo for a day!


07-08-2002, 07:48 PM
From manual:

"To work properly the PC ‘playback’ directory must have a common drive map to the PVR playback directory. In the above example ‘E:\playback\’ maps to the same storage space as ‘/mnt/playback’"

The only other space is a partion that can be mounted mounted for hardware buffering in /var/playback, but if you can't get the rest to work ignore this.

Also from manual:

"In the mean time, if you experience a problem I will take try to take a look at it if you provide the following:
On the windows platform, under the playback directory run:

Dir > Out1.txt

One the PVR in the playback directory run:

./ls –al >Out2.txt
./ps ax>Out3.txt

In addition please provide OS version numbers for both windows and PVR software, as well as the PC processor speed and memory configuration.
Please include a which software buttons were pressed/options clicked on the application.
Please Zip the Out.x files and send me the info as a PM on Dealdatabase.com (you can also send me an email at thedoctor@dealdatabase.NET, however, there have been reports of mail gone missing.)"

The are 18 pages of manual that was included with the package. If I can't explain it in 18 pages, I am unlikely to be able to help you further unless you provide the information I requested in the manual.

To extract data from the tivo, the tivo and the pc must be able to write to the shared storage space. To playback, read access should be all that is required.

You don't state which application you are running when you see the text in the title bar, but I will assume that it was the PBE.EXE extraction program. The text is the content of the terminal session with the tivo. If you have followed the setup instructions, it can be ingnored, otherwise you can watch it for error messages.

07-10-2002, 09:54 AM
Sorry Doc. The point I was trying to make was I don't quite get the docs..

I haven't tried the playback extractor. Just the other app.

I did have a very strange setup, and thats kind of what I'm asking about as I was using 1 pc as the share, and another to run the pbc program.

Now however, I'm changing that so I'm just using 1 pc and the Tivo.

I will post back once I've got that setup and report results.

In the meantime, can you or anyone else confirm that they have this working on a uk Tivo?


07-10-2002, 10:46 PM
I have not heard of it being used on a uk tivo.

I also use a seperate storage machine and a controling pc. With no shows extracted, some options on the pbc program may not work at all.

07-11-2002, 05:04 AM
Thanks Doctor..

I will post back with progress as soon as I get the chance to test.