View Full Version : Differences in Xtreem versions

07-09-2002, 11:31 AM
There seem to be 4 different versions of 25Xtreme available. Does anyone know what the differences between these are?

(Obviously, #1 in Surgeons original release for the DSR6000. #2 and #3 are for the T60 but since there are 2 versions posted there must be some unexplained differences. #4 I have no idea about.)

Could someone shed some info on these versions? Especially the difference between #2 and #3, and what Tivolator is for.


1) Surgeons DSR6000 25Xtreme version 1.0
2) dsboyce8624's Sony T60 Xtreme version 1.0
3) Glitched's Sony T60 Xtreme version 1.0
4) DiGiTz Tivolator version 1.0