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09-09-2000, 05:02 AM
This is such a cool concept, especially for those away from home, travelling without a calling card, or just strapped for funds, or just loving freebies, that I must share it with you!

FreeWay (offered by Broadpoint) is a long distance calling service that offers FREE talk time in exchange for listening to brief and interesting advertising messages. There are NO charges or bills for using FreeWay, and you don't even have to change phone companies! Use FreeWay to supplement your current long distance service and help reduce your long distance bill.
You can use FreeWay on ANY touchtone phone at home or when traveling by dialing our toll-free access number -- whenever you want to make a FREE long distance call. (supposedly even works from payphones!)

Once your FreeWay membership is complete, there are just four simple steps to use FreeWay whenever you'd like:
Step 1: Dial our toll-free number from any touchtone phone.
Step 2: Enter your personal identification number (PIN), and the number you'd like to call for free.
Step 3: Listen to as many messages as you'd like, earning TWO FREE MINUTES of long distance time for each. For example, if you choose to hear 5 ads, you earn 10 minutes of free long distance!
Step 4: Complete your call! It's that easy!

As they have a referal program (though they say payment will be made only after Dec 2000), I'll greatly appreciate it if you allow me to refer you. As of now, I can't make out if I'll be able to see who all joined up under me, but if I'm able to, I'll gladly pass on some of the REFERAL INCENTIVE to you (upto $0.50 supposing they give me $1.00 per referal). To have them send you the UNIQUE (one-time click through) referal link, please: either(1) just post your email address as a reply to this thread (I'll try to check back everyday), or (2) since I understand your concerns for security and privacy, simply email me your email address at reg2k@excite.com
and be sure to put "FreeWay" in the subject line.
(I'm a cautious internet shopper like most of us here, and will never misuse your address other than for the referals; that's a promise!). The excite mailbox is checked almost every 1-2 days, so that'll be equally fast.

Meanwhile, to help you figure this thing out, here's the link to the FreeWay site (Please don't forget me if you plan to sign up, esp. since I'll also tip you off on how to get their priority activation hassle free) http://www.broadpoint.com
(if this link is not "clickable please cut and paste in your internet browser address line)

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