View Full Version : 2.5 upgrade problem

07-18-2002, 08:49 PM
Trying to do the extreme 2.5 upgrade....here is where I am stuck:

I am almost there...step 1-4 I got going. However, step 5 shows NOTHING overwritten. How do I delete the files that are supposed to be overwritten? I do not know what they are? Can you help me with this? Is there some sort of list?

This is an upgrade for 2.5 extreme to all the latest hacks and utilities plus a few bug fixes.

1) rz send the upgrade.tar.gz archive to your tivo / (root) directory
2) rm -rf /var/hack
3) rm /bin/joe /bin/joerc
4) gzip -d upgrade.tar.gz
5) cpio -i -H tar -d -F upgrade.tar

If you see that any file did not get overwritten, manually delete
the file or files and do step 5 again

6) /tvbin/reboot
7) mount -o remount,rw /
8) /tvbin/noppv.tcl dump
9) sync
10) mount -o remount,ro /