View Full Version : How to make extreme think it made a call

07-19-2002, 09:38 PM
I upgrade to 25xtreme, able to get bach promt but I thing its being upgrade threw the SAT, to 2.5.2 nolonger able to get bach promt. also can not trick it to make a fake call.

07-19-2002, 09:59 PM
I just happened to see your question while I was reading the answer to it that Tarzan had wrote Maniacsta back in march.

There are at least 3 scripts out there that do this: FIXUP, FIXSUB and NOCALL. I'm a newbie too and I just got my going today. You can use one of these scripts or do as Tarzan suggested which is much simpler.

At the prompt type:

touch /etc/SubTest

The touch command creates a file, so what this does is create a file called SubTest in the etc directory. If the rc.sysinit see this it will put your unit into lifetime subscription and stop calling out.

07-19-2002, 10:02 PM
I did the touch /etc/SubTest command but it looks like it did nothing...

07-19-2002, 10:06 PM
I am a newbie too, but its been three trying to this SAT T60 to work. Install software 14 times.....need help real bad

07-22-2002, 03:26 PM
the touch command gives no output on success.
If the file you are touching doesn't exist it silently
creates it as an empty file if it can. You can
check behind it by doing:

ls /etc/SubTest
ls -l /etc/Subtest
to see permissions and access times.

07-22-2002, 03:53 PM
Thanks a whole lot I got This baby to work on saturday. The error has the "SUBTEST" I should have read the doc's closer. " SubTest":)