View Full Version : DSR 6K & Xtreme 2.5

07-20-2002, 06:16 PM
I have upgraded several Tivos (Direct and SA) in the past. However, I have always been able to get an image from the existing hard drive prior to the upgrade. I am now upgrading a DSR 6K as a result of a drive failure. This system is legitimately subscribed to DTV and has a legit lifetime Tivo subscription.

I initially installed a Hughes DirecTivo image on the drive. Only problem is the daily phone call took 20-30 minutes to complete. Did some more research and found that even though the units are identical, Tivo has a problem with this and tries (unsuccessfully) to repair it. Back to the drawing board.

I installed xtreme 2.5. After the first couple of long daily phone calls, I am back to short daily calls.

Two questions:

1. I am at Software Version 2.5.2-01-1-001. Is this the latest version for the DSR 6K? My Hughes units are at a higher version.

2. Will xtreme 2.5 allow for future updates?

Basically I want to know if this image will act just like the original image. I donít really care about the bash prompt.