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07-22-2002, 01:20 PM
have a look here for the full interview: Tivo: richard interview (http://newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=02/04/23/0259205&mode=thread&tid=7)

here's a preview:
Question: Which brings up an interesting point: What is TiVo's view on hacks with the goal of extracting the video from the TiVo?

Richard: Well, it really comes down to use, legally, but because there is no honor system we have to discourage it intensely. When I say discourage, I mean we have to write code that makes it as difficult as we can. We are very aware that there is no hacker-proof system, but we try to make it very difficult.
Richard: Conceivably TiVo will provide technology that will allow users to share video within their home, but not allow it to be sent outside the home. We believe that the fair-use aspects of video extraction are very compelling, but we must protect the content providers and protect ourselves from lawsuit with respect to the DMCA.

Question: TiVo recently released its Series|2 product, which on the surface adds USB ports, makes the unit smaller and adds increased space as well. What are some of the internal changes with Series|2?

Richard: Well, we switched to MIPs, went from 52 MHz to 200 MHz, and moved to a PCI bus, allowing for more versatility in part configuration to allow for different manufacturers to add high-end features if they like.

follow the link to read more.
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