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08-17-2002, 09:46 PM
I currently have an H emulation system (running an HU bin I expect to soon be blacklisted) and a new subbed P4 card (basic subcription) recently sent to me by Dave when my original subbed H was blacklisted last week.

I am in the process of purchasing an HU loader/unlooper (T911) and I'll extract my neighbor's subbed HU Cam ID. (He has not been sent a P4 replacement yet.) This will buy me some time as I learn more about HU emulation.

However, since I'm currently having to invest in keeping ahead of Dave's next moves, I'd like to also upgrade my system to Directivo from my 3rd generation IRD. I've been reading a bit on dealdatabase and looking for units on EBay. There are quite a few Philips DSR6000s on there.

Here are my questions:

1. I know I can buy a Directivo and hack it to get a Tivo lifetime subscription that never needs to call into Tivo. However, I'm seeing that there are some Philips units being advertised on EBay that claim to have lifetime subscriptions and need NO phone connection. Can this be possible (unless the unit is already hacked)? If it is possible, it would seem I don't need to do anything with the unit once purchased unless I want to modify the drive capacity.

2. Any Directivos on EBay I should definitely stay away from?

3. Are H emulation units working well with Directivo? HU emulation? I'm thinking that if I have trouble with my emulation situation in the coming months because of Dave (e.g. taking down the H stream or being blacklisted again), I can just put in my subbed P4 in the interim (even if my selection of programming is drastically reduced.)

My main concerns at this point is that I buy the *correct* Directivo unit at an appropriate price. I don't see why I would pay for a lifetime subscription upfront included in the price if I have to hack the unit anyway. And even with Tivo's privacy policy, I really don't want to hook it up to a phone line.

Comments, sugestions, recommendations, and advice would be greatly appreciated.



08-18-2002, 12:40 AM
the directivo is a standard DTV reciever, with tivo functionality as well. as such, all standard dtv equipment funcitons properly. any other emulation specific questions should be directed at a more appropriate forum (since they are emu questions, not tivo questions).

1) there are two types of 'lifetime service'. if they say you dont have to call in or connect a phone cord, they are reffering to the stolen kind. that kind of 'lifetime service' is worth $0 unless you cant figure out how to do it yourself

2) thats up to you.

3) see first paragraph of this post

un-numbered question) all dtivos are identical hardware. as stated in hundreds of threads (available with that great tool, the search button (as with the rest of this info)), the only differences are what remote you get, the exterior, and some graphics changes in the tivo interface.

you can always kill the logs on your dtivo and let it call in. lots of threads on that as well.