View Full Version : Powering up then Lockup???WTF

08-24-2002, 09:48 PM
I have been having a problem with my Hughes gxcebot DTV/Tivo receiver. I was missing some channels and noticed that I wasnt getting a signal on about half of the transponders.
I called DTV and they said my lnb or my cable was bad. So I changed the coax and the stupid thing didnt power on after.
( Related or not I dont know) Anyways, later on it powered up but it only makes it to the screen that says "Almost there, A few more seconds" and then it locks up or something but never gets past that point. How or can I fix this problem? Any help would be appreciated.
I called DTV after that ad they said that the receiver was junk. What do you think?
Also this is a stock receiver, no mods or hacks