View Full Version : Problems with DVD2AVI in process of Tivo to DVD

08-31-2002, 06:17 PM
This seems like a really stupid place to get stuck. I have managed to install TivoApp and or Tystream and pull the m2a and m2v files off of the Tivo.

The m2v file is a high quality 30min episode. The m2v file is 770 megs. It plays just fine in windows media player and the m2a file plays as well.

When I bring up DVD2AVI, and load the m2v file, all seems just fine. Then I save the project, and it proceeds to write the d2v file. The problem is the file it creates is only 2 megs. The program does not make any suggestion that there has been a problem. the bar needle under the vid screen does kinda skip along rather then flow smoothly during project save.

I have tried moving forward, assuming that this in normal but of course it's not. Something is fowling up in DVD2AVI. Any thoughts?