View Full Version : Can only extract 1/2 of video successfully....1 hour or more is out of sync!!!??

09-02-2002, 11:57 AM
I have been using tytool 5 to extract video, and all was going great. I used tmpgenc to reencode it and compensate for A/V sync, BUT......

If i do a 1/2 hour show, the audio syncs fine. ALL shows over 1 hour, the audio is out of sync...NO MATTER WHAT I DO! I have tried to mess with the audio sync in tmpgenc, but nothing works.

ANy ideas?

Could this have anything to do with my processor on my PC? RAM? or is it a known issue!?

Also, what is noscramble.o? I do not have a direct tivo, so I dont think that I need this, but I am not sure.

Please help!

BTW: My configuration is:

80 GIg HD
Ver 3.0