View Full Version : Anyone cause a conflict w/ Live TV sound? I have!

10-08-2002, 08:57 PM
I have been sucessfully using an Airnet w/ Proxim RangeLAN-DS Prism 2 card for the last month. When I swapped the Proxim out for a Prism 2.5 card to use an external antenna, the sound on live TV went away... no kidding!

The networking still functions when this happens. When I reboot, the sound returrns until the next session I initiate over the wireless LAN. At Jafa's (airnet developer) suggestion, I edited rc.net with "timing=7" -- but that just made the network stop functioning.

Has anyone ever caused a similar problem with a [Turbo/Tivo/Air]net card? If so, what did you do? Can someone give me a good explanation of the "timing=" parameter and some suggested values?


- E


SA Tivo w/ v.3.x software
airnet.o is 8/10/02 version
Senao NL2511 prism 2 card w/ external antenna
w/ station code 1.4.2