View Full Version : if you ever completed a hack of any size on your tivo read this

07-06-2001, 01:43 AM
if you ever completed a hack of any size on your tivo read this
please write your experience down and make a detailed manual out of it. please state which tivo it was performed on, what software version it contained, disk size, if it was hacked before and anything more that could be of value.

please write it for digibeet users (simple language, no shorts, cut of chat words like io or lol or w8)

send it to tivolure@hotmail.com

I'll make a website out of it. Anyone with alot of bandwith wanna host that?
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

07-06-2001, 08:40 AM
I think it's not such a great idea:
a. Requires a lot of writing
b. No one wants to write 2 pages without a reason.
c. Most people still use the FAQ.

If you guys are interested in writing our own faq, then let's do it. We can more hacking related stuff in it and that might help others. Else I don't see a point of this whole thing.

07-06-2001, 10:31 AM
Wait...vadim what are you saying , good or bad thing to do?

I was planning on a compleet manual on every hack that people come up with. Ofcourse would it be published for all to see.

de faq's I've see sofar need alot of rework. You need to figure out a lot your self. I don't mind doing that ( I'm learning f#$# redhat at the moment) but it would save a lot of time in the end for newbies.

Ofcourse: nobody needs to contribute if he (or she) don't want to do that.

please feel free to react. btw this is the same though as the back up ftpserver in one of my other threads.

you have the freedom of not cooperating...always-)

07-06-2001, 10:43 AM
I will help on making a new FAQ, that way I can contribute to it and maybe get more people to come on this message board. Yet I'm not going to be writing useless stuff, such as how to mount the drive and etc. I beleive if someone is willing to upgrade his/her tivo he or she should have basic knowlegde of using a screwdriver, and plugging in cables. If it's not the case then they should find a pro to do it for them, or lay off the subject.

I and the 2nd Administrator on this board Joe, will probably agree on hosting a FAQ /w its own URL, however none of us will agree promoting AVS in any way. You see what I'm saying we here want to build up a real hacking community, we will expand the board in any way, shapre or form to make it fit the public, we will host FAQ and etc, even with the fact that right now we are not even making enough money to cover the hosting. We are seeking advertisers but no matter what we will provide free speach message board to our members. You must understand we are willing to do anything to build up a strong and growing community. We already accomplished in getting many people here, you are reading this right? We have around ~20 members join daily and we are getting 10,000 page views a day. We want to grow and bring the users more and more material, FAQ, etc.

Lure or anyone else who is interesting in helping out, please let us know, by any means possible, PM, email, post on the board. This way we can have a nice community that is not watched over by TiVo Inc.

I think I explained my thoughts and I will be around to explain further.