View Full Version : Something strange is now happening...

11-02-2002, 01:18 PM
As of October 30th, I'm now unable to properly extract the video clips from my DTiVo. (Sony T60)

I have not changed anything to my work flow, I have not had a software update, and I'm still running 2.5.2-01-1-011. I have noscramble running, and I extract my clips with TyTool5r2.

Everything was fine for the past few months, but as of October 30th, when I extract the clips, the video files are not being recognized either with my m2v video player, or with DVDPatcher. (DVDPatcher will result in an error if I try to change the resolution.)

The file sizes are showing up correctly when extracted. So it isn't a rookie mistake of not installing noscramble and having the files listed as 0k.

I've tested this out with a few shows I recorded after October 30th, and they all will no longer work as viable video files.

Has anything recently changed? Any ideas, any help? Thanks.

11-03-2002, 05:54 AM
Problem solved.

I had a corrupted Windows 98 HD. I reintalled the OS and everything is working fine now. Very strange error though.

Just to note, this Windows 98 HD was setup via Virtual PC, in the Mac OSX work flow. So if any other Mac users run into the same problem, it may be due to VirtualPC somehow hosing your Win98 disk.

Whew, back to DVD burning.... :)