View Full Version : tivo to divx/Xvid.. proper aspect? and what bit rate??

11-21-2002, 04:57 PM
Well I pretty much can get video from my tivo with out much prob and no audio sync issues. How ever my best setting video is 544x480 for some reason, I want to make sure I convert the video with the proper aspect ratio, and for example one video I was trying to compress with 544x368 w/o the black bars for example.

also other questions, what are good bit rate setting for the 5.02 divx codec? Anyone also taken the time to try to convert to Xvid as well?

My current steps from getting files off my tivo.

1. TivoApp extract as a .ty stream
2. tystream convert to mpeg2 single file
3. dvd2avi, save project as <filename> creates a .mpa and a .dv2 file
4. freeamp to convert my mpa to .wav file
5. vfapi plugin select the .dv2 file created by dvd2avi
6. load virtdub and select the vfapi.avi file created by vfapi
7. load audio in as wav
8. select audio compression
9. select video compression
10. add any filters you want
11. save as avi and wait.

thats the quick run down.. always works good just looking to make sure i keep right aspect and good bit rates.


11-24-2002, 12:35 PM
I convert all my extractions to Divx as well. I use GordianKnot to create a AviSynth file for VirtualDub. GK has a great cropping tool, it allows you to get perfect 4:3 AR and easily get rid of the bars.

I always encode with single pass, 80% quantizer. This usually gives me an output that looks perfect to me. Sometimes I have to tweak the settings a bit.

I mostly extract movies off of my DTiVo. I use the following procedure and I get a perfectly synced output 99% of the time.

1) Extract ty with TyTools
2) Split with vsplit
3) Create avs file with GordianKnot
4) Encode audio as mp3 with Lame (--r3mix setting) and GordianKnot (If it's a 5.1 soundtrack I don't convert it to mp3)
5) Encode video as Divx and interleave audio in VirtualDubMod

This doesn't work for the rare DTiVo stream with a bit of a video glitch. Nor does it work for any SA stream that I have tried. To do these I replace step 2 above with this:

2) Convert to mpeg with vsplit-mux
3) Use TMPGEnc to re-encode as mpeg's.

This takes an incredibly long time and I take a quality hit, but it's the only way I have found to encode SA streams. Maybe VirtualDubMod will suport mpeg audio soon and I will be able to fix this.

are you working with DTiVo or SA streams?


11-24-2002, 08:02 PM

thanks for the info, I pull my stuff from SA Tivo. I dont have much probs getting the video and sycing audio up. was just wondering whats a godo setting for divx.

why do you not use two pass?

also it seems like my video is interlaced becaue if i encode a clip and play it back during any fast movement on the screen it looks odd like every other line is off..

Have you ever tried Xvid ?


11-25-2002, 12:23 AM
Yea, everyone says they don't have problems with SA, I guess I have the special model,

2-pass is only useful if you want to fit the output to a specific size (for putting on CD's and such).

Sounds like your video is interlaced. Use AviSynth to do a field de-interlace on it (GordianKnot is a good GUI for this purpose).


11-25-2002, 02:18 PM
I think your problem with interlace lines is possibly from the mpeg2 codec your using. I think I noticed that when I was looking for a high quality codec. I also had problems with a full screen slow panning, it would **** while panning.

I think I'm using elecard mpeg2 codec right now. It seems to be OK quality. There is a free version with the elecard player, but it adds a logo to you movie. The paid version don't.

I have a Dtivo, don't know if SAs have something different.

The current problem I have is minor vertical gitters once in a while, but I think I have fixed the problem by framserve into TMPGEnc. Previously I just tytooled & went straight to TMPGEnc.

I may not know what I'm talking about thou. This is just based on my experiences.