View Full Version : SA TIVO 352x480 extracts->DVD

11-25-2002, 03:40 PM
Has anyone had any success creating DVDs from 342X480 extracts? I've been doing 720x480 with awesome results (using Tivoweb, TyTool5r2, Maestro, & Nero) and playable on all stand alone DVDs capable of playing DVD+R/RW. I believe 720x480 tivo extracts are fully DVD compliant.

352x480 is suppose to be DVD compliant but when I create DVDs and play it on most standalone DVD players I get half screen of barely viewable videos. The other half (bottom half) I get alternating colors of green, etc. I don't think 352x480 tivo extracts are FULLY DVD complaint.

Note: a few standalone DVD players plays it just fine; but those standalones are the cheap ones that play anything you throw at it (Apex, Raite, etc).

The following resolutions and compressions are DVD complaint:

1. 720x480 Mpeg2 (can get from Tivo)
2. 704x480 Mpeg2
3. 352x480 Mpeg2 (can get from Tivo)
4. 352x240 Mpeg1 (can only get resolution but in Mpeg2)