View Full Version : Just a little vent....;)

12-02-2002, 09:58 AM
I got to vent somewhere.
...and i did!

Thank God Vadim opened this forum!

thanks for letting me spew! ...i feel much better now....

12-09-2002, 12:19 AM
I am sure it the tivocommunity message board that your referring to.

Let me start off by saying that the board has every right to prohibit any type of conversation they want since it is their board.

Itís also a great board full of intelligent people who are happy to assist with almost every topic.

Additionally, they may have a point because right now we all do have a good thing going and by discussing something that is certainly a "gray area" legally right now we maybe jeopardizing it.

Your right though once you bring up extraction of any kind, its like your talking to a bunch of aristocrats trying to cover up a government scandal.

That being said let me say this...




Do you realize what type of nonsense this is??? I pay to see those movies and shows. The average cable/satellite bill is over 50 bucks a month. THAT GIVES ME THE RIGHT DAMMIT!! Once you release them to me by giving me a box they SHOULD be mine!!

These companies have only one thing in mind, and itís protecting their own financial interest. The fact that technology has come to the point where we do not need them AS MUCH anymore scares them.

They fact we are getting to the point where it will be easy to digitally extract video and slice and dice it however we please is also very scary. Same situation as the Music industry a few years back with Napster.

Same thing when CD-R's first came out, same thing when VCRs came out, same thing when audiotapes came out. Quite frankly the whole "Your going to record something and pass it along to your whole neighborhood and we will lose money" whining has become very, very old. Itís also just not the case.

When will they stop crying and let technology proceed normally? Why go to court with a frivolous case and try to stop something you morally shouldnít be (Again, those shows are MINE!! I PAY FOR THEM), and probably cannot stop anyway!!

Hey Entertainment industry, while your at it why dont you get all the books and burn them! I mean you can read a book twice! Better yet lets get all the book readers and put them in an oven! We just want mindless TV viewers who we can rape financially over and over again.

These industries make me so sick that I can barely contain the vomit from spewing out of my mouth.

We can charge 10 bucks a movie, fill you up with advertisments, treat you like friggin sheep by commercializing everything and selling it to you- but hey if Joe Smoe who works his ass off wants to burn The Kids in the Hall to a SVCD, lets throw his ass in jail!!

Wow, that makes me feel better. Thanks for starting the topic, Fugg.

Anyway I know I was a bit excessive, but that is truly how I feel. I think I am not the only one.