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12-03-2002, 01:54 PM
I'm a fairly new Tivo extractor, and most of the lingo mentioned here is over my head, but I have managed to extract fairly easily. It may not be the right way or absolutely perfect, but it works fine for my purpose.

I extract with Tytools to an m2a and m2v file. Then I load up TMPGEnc and run it through the single multiplex. I then burn the SVCD with Nero (I don't have a DVD burner). It plays perfectly on my DVD player.

I'm sure I'm missing something doing it this simplified way, but it works fine for my needs.

One question I have. When I extract a 90 min or 2 hr movie, I haven't yet been able to figure out how to span several CD's. Does anyone know how I can split the Mpeg in pieces to burn over several CD's? I tried using merge&cut in TEMPGEnc, but it gave me an error (Can not open this file with Directshow) when I tried to edit.

I tried finding this on my own, but the search for "split" kept coming up with Vsplit which (apparently) has nothing to do with the actual splitting of an Mpeg.


12-03-2002, 07:58 PM
Try this - a lovely little utility that has bailed me out of many a tight spots

Originally posted by salewit
Does anyone know how I can split the Mpeg in pieces to burn over several CD's? I tried using merge&cut in TEMPGEnc, but it gave me an error (Can not open this file with Directshow) when I tried to edit.


12-03-2002, 10:27 PM
There are several ways that you can divvy up a large mpeg file from your Tivo using Tytool. One way is to extract parts of the tystream and process them separately. Open up Tytool and get the Now Showing list. Highlight the show you wish to extract. Select the Get Parts option; a window will open up listing all of the fsids for the highlighted show. Highlight a consecutive group of fsids and select GO. Only the selected fsids will be extracted. I believe all fsid chunks are the same size so it shouldn't be too difficult to calculate how many will fit on a CD. When the first group has finished, repeat the process for as many fsid groups you need to extract until you have the entire show extracted. This can be done in either tystream mode or vsplit mode. Note that you have no control over where the video is actually split and it could easily occur in the middle of a scene or an actor's dialogue.

Another method is to extract a specific number of chunks in several sets. Start by highlighting the show to be extracted. Pull down the Options menu at the top of the Tytool window and select the Set Length option. A small window will open up where you need to enter the number of video chunks for extraction and then click on the OK button. Click on the Get button and extract the show. The counter will increment up to the specified number of chunks and stop but the extraction process will continue until the entire file has been processed. You can terminate Tytool after the set length has been reached as no further extraction is actually being performed. For the next group of video chunks, pull down the Options menu and select the Set Initial Jump option. A small window will open up where you need to enter the jump point that should be the same as the length you set for the first group of chunks extracted. For example, if the first group extracted was 8200 chunks long, the inital jump point should be 8200. The length of the next group also needs to be selected so pull down the Options menu again and select the Set Length option as before. Enter the desired length and click OK, then click on Get to perform the extraction.

A third method would be to begin the extraction and monitor the size of the extracted file as it progresses. When it gets to around 625MB or so, terminate (i.e. close) Tytool. Check the corresponding txt file that was generated during the extraction to see how many chunks were extracted before you shut it down. Set your initial jump length to correspond to this value and begin the next extraction. Calculate the combined total of the 1st extraction with the amount you want extracted for the next groupf of chunks. For example, say you terminated the first extraction at 620MB and the number of chunks extracted were 9340. You set the initial jump for the next extraction at 9340 and shut down Tytool when the number of megabytes extracted reaches 1240 (620+620). Repeat this process for each group of chunks to be extracted, taking into account all of the previous chunks extracted in your calculations.

Neither of the above methods is very exact except that the fsid size appears to be a consistent 512MB. The 2nd method is a hit or miss proposition but you can vary the size of the extracted file by trial and error. The third method is a quick and dirty way of fitting your extracted files to multiple CDs. Process all of the groups of video chunks as individual mpegs and burn them to separate CDs or even DVDs for that matter. I tried the first method (fsid chunks) on the Lord of the Rings extended version the other day and it worked great for splitting to 2 DVDs (total size was about 6.3GB). I was able to retain the Dolby Digital soundtrack but I do appear to have a relatively minor audio sync issue, but it's very slight and for the most part quite tolerable.

12-04-2002, 12:25 AM
Thank you both. I got the DV Tool and it worked very nicely.

Next time I'll give it a try directly with Tytool.