View Full Version : DVD Authoring w/IFOEDIT and tytool converted Tivo streams

12-09-2002, 09:09 AM
Here's a strange problem that I'm looking for a logical explanation.

I extract the video and audio from my SA Tivo using Tytool. I resample the audio to 48Khz using Goldwave as a wav file. I don't touch the video file, I use it as it is. I load those into IFOEDIT and author. The resulting output has the video running really fast and the audio way out of sync. So I author another using the original video and original audio files without modification. That authors correctly. So I must conclude that the resampling I did on the audio must have somehow botched things up, but why ? Can anyone explain why this might happen and what other suggestions/tools might be better to use to resample the audio to get it to 48Khz that won't screw up the authoring process ?