View Full Version : tivo not booting

12-14-2002, 02:21 AM
i added a line to the bottom of my rc.sysinit file with a dos editor and saved it with out converting it for unix. am i screwed? i guess i did it wrong and now my tivo is not booting. it stops at the "just a molment please". is there any hope in fixing this? do i have to restore from a backup image i made along time ago? will i lose my shows? i added this line to the bottom of my rc.sysinit file. "/path/to/tyhttpd 2000 4 >> /dev/null &" with out the quotes... i changed the path to the correct path. this was for mfsstreams web modual application. but now it just locks up. am i completly screwed?

12-14-2002, 02:58 AM
Pull the drive and hook it to your PC. Then boot of Dylan's disk or the Xtreme CD. Then mount the active partition (probably 4) and edit the file using joe, or copy it to the PC's disk, disconnect everything, boot the PC and edit the file, remember to save it as UNIX, then shut down, reattach everything, remount the partition, and copy it back, and don't forget to chmod +x rc.sysinit. Shutdown everything, put the drive back into the Tivo, watch TV.