View Full Version : any program to play .m2v and .wav together?

12-15-2002, 02:07 PM
i'm using TMPGEnc to converty my tivo recordings to 720x480 and cut out commercials, then plan to make them into dvds. i am using the "ES (Video + Audio)" mode (ES means elementary stream?) instead of "System" because i was told that works better for authoring dvds. i end up w/ 2 files: .m2v and .wav. what i want to do is play the files together so i can see if there are any audio/video sync problems, before i take the plunge and burn it to a dvd.

i have powerdvd, but am not sure if it has this capability. does it? if so, how do i use it? if not, which program(s) if any, do?

thanks in advance, guys!