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12-17-2002, 11:36 PM
I originally posted this over at avsforum, but I got 21 replys, and NOT one of them had to do with the theory I posted. I know the people over here are a bit more knowledgeable and willing to give thier opinion. I just know someone, somewhere will have a mod of some sort soon... hopefully before the update occurs. Below is my theory, will it work? Does it sound feasable? LET ME KNOW.

O.k. just a theory on stopping the 3.7 update. Could we access the UTV HD and go to the system partition ( where the updates are stored/downloaded to/unpacked) and put a dummy file(s) in this partition that is nothing but a .h (or something similar) file filled with 1's and 0's or just usless garbage. This "dummy file(s) would have to be SOOO huge that it would take every last byte on the system partition. Hopefully the UTV will get a "Disk Full" message internally when the UTV trys to download the new upgrade 3.7, there will be no space to place the upgrade on the system partition. maybe that will cause a system error, and by default cause the UTV to resume using the current 3.5 software... like I said, just a theory..... BLUECOP, let me know if this might be worth a try. I have a feeling that the easy way around this update, is to keep the update from bieng written, either one way or with a partition lock or something!!! -Godkilla

P.s. this is assuming there is no external temp file on a different partition...

12-18-2002, 12:08 AM
Well, I won't say it is impossible (plus every creative idea is good!), but it does seem unlikely to work. We will have a better idea once the update mechanism on the drive and/or rom are disassembled and better understood. But it appears that the entire system partiton is overwritten when updated.. and I can't see a disk full message being likely. But you never know, if it impinges on a dynamic swap file or something, you could be the man of the hour! I guess you could test it empirically - but it would be better to study the update mechanism in detail to undertand how to effectively block updates.