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12-19-2002, 06:58 PM
I've been doing video extraction for awhile now, although I haven't been keeping up with the newest developments. My question is relatively simple: how can I take a tyStream and convert it into an AVI that I can edit in VirtualDub, without getting all sorts of random audio sync problems? Details follow...

My usual method is the one at Salfter's SVCD guide ( http://salfter.dyndns.org/tivo2svcd.shtml ), but without compressing to SVCD. I'd use TivoApp, then tyConvert, to get an MPEG-2 file, then use DVD2AVI to get me an audio stream and a VFAPI AVI file. This worked sometimes, but any hiccups in the MPEG would cause the audio to be out of sync. (Aside: has the corrupt-block problem been fixed with any new software? Since I don't have TV in my dorm this year, I haven't actually tried to extract any 3.0 streams yet - I'm still working on my 2.x backlog. I've also just become aware of tyTool, VSplit, and some other programs, which I'll certainly experiment with.)

More recently, I've been trying to use XMpeg, and any other MPEG-2-reading programs I can find, to convert the entire MPEG-2 stream to a Huffyuv AVI file, without separating the audio. This seems to fix the sync problem, but I haven't found any software that can handle 32KHz audio properly, so I wind up with really annoying artifacts in the audio stream as a result of the downsampling.

So: does anyone have any suggestions? Anything from a link to another post, up to a full step-by-step, would be much appreciated. Feel free to ask for clarification, and thanks in advance for any help.

12-19-2002, 07:11 PM
what do is change the ty file into a vob.
This format is the best you can get.

use vsplit13 to split the files:

vsplit13.exe movie.ty movie.m2v movie.m2a
or for dolby digital
vsplit13 movie.ty movie.m2v movie.ac3

Then get IFOEdit (available on www.doom9.org).

When you start IFOEdit, select the "DVD Author" menu and click on "Author new DVD".
A new window will pop up with inputs for files and offsets, etc.
Select a video file (movie.m2v) and an audio file (movie.m2a or movie.ac3).

To set the offset, you must highlight the audio file you've added, and then input your offset.
In order to put in a negative number, you should put in the number first,
then go over to the left of the field and put a minus

Anyway, this takes a few minutes to multiplex and a couple minutes to generate .IFO's and .VOB's,

Now it you're ready to use Nero, or whatever you prefer to put these on DVD-R or to use whatever to convert the .VOB's to divX, vcd or svcd. I recommend Gordian Knot (available on www.doom9.org)
if your converting to divx.

Once its is a vob you can use whatever you regularily use when you backup your dvd's