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12-23-2002, 10:11 PM
i got into the whole extraction thing cuz i didnt like the way my aiw radeon 7500 card captured with a grainy look. so i git into extraction instead and here's my dilemma:
1) my extracted shows look grainy just like the captured ones, could this be the product of a 60gig hd only having 20 gig of available space left on it, as i have heard you should have a seperate drive for mpegs only???
2)i still cannot get my audio sync right, i have tried both bbmpeg and tmpgenc for this. i set the audio settings on bbmpeg to whatever vsplit told me they were off,e.g. i.e. plays 9 ms early!! i set the settings from 180 to 171 as if it is early u subtract from 180 and if its late you would add to 180 correct? im not sure as it seems no matter what i set it at the sync is still off the vsplit amount.
3) i have tried the same thing in tmpgenc under source range, if these same fundamentals apply as with bbmpeg as i havent read anything to this effect dealing with tmpgenc, adjusted the sync but it's still way out of sync.
any help or insight is greatly appreciated thanx
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12-23-2002, 11:14 PM
1) Available drive space has nothing to do with picture quality. If you're extracting from a DirecTivo then you shouldn't be seeing any graininess in the image. It should look like the original sat feed.

2) Audio sync problems are an issue of muxing the split tystream. Unless you need to edit the extracted videos there is absolutely no reason to mux the extracted m2a and m2v files. You can burn them to DVD by authoring them directly with SpruceUp, DVD Maestro, or IFOEdit. There are numerous posts on using these methods (do a search).

3) See #2.

You didn't mention if you were using a DTivo or a SA Tivo. I would expect to see graininess in a SA Tivo image but not a DTivo. Perhaps you are transcoding the file when muxing and getting a lower resolution as a result.

12-23-2002, 11:18 PM
sorry capt.
yes i am using a dtivo and the one i just burned was already muxed by itself and then transcoded so im not sure. when i started all this i have nurmerous codecs and programs on my pc with codecs and drivers maybe this is the reason. i am getting a new hd anyway and i will try this all clean on the new one and see if this helps thanx
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