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12-31-2002, 01:12 AM
Haven't really seen many folks creating SVCDs from the DirecTivos. All you SA guys seem to be fine on this one. This is the only aspect that plagues me and unfortunately I don't have a DVD burner so I must suffice with CD-R for now. I've made enough coasters so I must humbly reach out to a kind soul willing to share their success with svcd and the DirectTivo - or a reason why it may not work well. Here's what I've done:

1. TyTool5 to grab and split the streams.
2. BeSweet to transcode audio from 48 to 44.1

3(a) Mplex. Tried -4 (svcd), -5 (user-rate svcd), and -8 (DVD). -4 spews a bunch dropped frames then exits. -8 works fine, but muxed output makes Nero complain about standard compliance (which I ignore and burn anyway). -5 works fine and drops right into Nero without problems. Adding -vbr didn't appear to do anything, as the file sizes remained the same.

3(b) Tried TMPGEnc as an alternative to mplex. Muxes fine in simple mode, but I read a post about max CBR of 2520 for svcd and tried to adjust that, but it only properly muxed about 10 seconds. NOTE: just for sh!ts and giggles, I burned an svcd from that which created with the CBR and those first 10 seconds DID playback on my DVD player... only for the remaining video to freeze while the audio trucked along without it. Hmmm... could a setting in TMPGEnc fix that, perhaps?

4. Created SVCD with Nero and achieve a blue screen when attempting to playback on my Mintek. Yes, it's cheap, but I can playback any other svcd I create that does NOT originate from the DirecTivo.

What leads me to believe I'm missing something simple, is that the muxed mpegs (either user-rate svcd or DVD switches in mplex) play perfectly with PowerDVD. Just don't understand why they won't burn succesfully to svcd.

Forgive my ignorance in advance, I do sincerely appreciate anyone willing to share helpful advice. For those inclined to harp on me about the search button, or the a$$holian "keep looking.. you're almost there".... please don't. I've gleaned everything up til this point by painstakingly pouring over this forum and believe me, if I could find the answer here, I certainly would not ask and clutter up the threads. So close... so close!!!

Thanks all, and especially Jdiner for his most excellent utility!

01-01-2003, 08:07 PM
Finally got it working. I just couldn't get TMPGEnc to lower the rates without causing periods of video freeze. Then I found a neat freeware transcoding utility called REMPEG (attached) and was able to encode a new bitrate and muxed back together with mplex. Works great now.

01-03-2003, 04:51 PM
So have you tried XSVCD's?

Basically your on the right path.

Tytool->tmpgenc mux->(optional tmpgenc cut/edit)->nero.

In nero, uncheck the "make compliant SVCD" option.

Using this option, you are not re-encoding the original Tivo content (no loss in quality).

There are a couple of problems with this approach. The resulting non-compliant XSVCD will only play on certain DVD players, but the cheap APEX players do a good job. I got an APEX 5131 for this and it worked great.

The other problem is that with the DTivo you have less control on the peak bandwidth. This XSVCD path works great for StandAlones where the maximum bandwidth is fixed... for the Dtivo the bandwidth can be larger than the APEX could handle. Where this worked well was with the locals that were over compressed which never pushed the bandwidth.

The reason I bring up this whole XSVCD choice is the end result is an unmodified, no loss in quality MPEG2 stream that can easily be moved to DVD.... I just moved one of my XSVCD archives to DVD over the weekend.. things went very smoothly.


01-05-2003, 01:46 AM
Yes, I tried that originally. With my player (Mintek DVD-1600) I just get a blue screen on playback. Mintek's official statement on SVCD compliance:

"The SVCD format is not compatible with Mintek products. You might experience some functionality, but for the most part the SVCD format is not supported. "

Despite that, I can playback (on my player) anything that I keep below 3000kbs, but I've noticed since my last posting that basically all fast screen movement is turned into blocky crap. So scratch my "working great" comment. My friend has a "better", or at least way more expensive something-or-other player and NONE of my burns will play at all on his. Perhaps it just adheres more closely to the actual SVCD specifications, whereas mine was the $50 cheapo from Best Try.

I think I'll just give up the ghost on the whole SVCD idea and get a DVD burner. I was hoping to make use of that huge stack of blank CD-Rs, but it's glaringly obvious that DVD authoring is really the main focus for most people on this forum. When in Rome...