View Full Version : Anyone using a Sony SAT-HD200 or Zenith HD-SAT520 HDTV DTV Reciever?

12-31-2002, 10:16 PM
I got one over Christmas and have been at work on the serial port ever since, Found a debug section that allows what seems like near full access to the innirds, and yes the inirds, A powerpc CPU just like in tivo, and if I didn't know better maybe even Linux inside. One of the things I discovered in the debug/boot loader section is LAN support via a "Lan adapter" that is not installed, and there is a edge connector on the PCB that looks just like tivo's!

It built by LG for both Sony and Zenith.

Anyway, if lan support could be established perhaps we could stream HD from it to/from our Tivo's???

Could be our gateway into the HD world

Here is the thread with all my research to date;


Happy New Year!