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01-02-2003, 02:57 AM
Just had a little Question, if you have a utv and wan't to upgrade the drive, will the msn toll-free number work so it can download the software.

01-02-2003, 04:21 AM
got this off of dssgroundzero....

UTV Upgrade in Canada

For all those who were fretting and haven't seen a clear yes/no, YES it can be done! And here are here is a relatively detailed explanation on how.

MS a while ago enabled caller ID checking...Ok, if your in Canada, it just tells you service is unavailable here.

So let's get around that.....(Just a warning you may wish to have a person help you with step 5-12, although it can be done by yourself just alot of running around the room)

1. First, make sure you have a pretty good long distance rate to the US, primus is I believe 10cents a min all day long.

2. Well extreme thanks to compking here on the avsforum who found CogniCall you can sign up for a US long distance calling card and have it charged monthly to your credit card. Sign up over the net or call their 1800 number....Takes about 20 mins. They charge 13.9cents/USD/minute to call to the US, but the whole call you need to make with it is <2 mins so it's not that bad, and you can cancel afterwards.

3. Now follow the proper upgrade instructions and if you using a WD hard drive make sure the LBA ends in 1648 (this means there is security enabled). I used the WD1200BB.

4. When it gets to the point of dialing, make sure your line isn't plugged in and let it try and dial. When it fails it will say try again, or Options....Choose options and select don't wait for dial-tone, and disable call- waiting if you have it (usually "*70," in a good chunk of the country). I also turned on the volume so I could hear the connection.

4B. have a telephone wire sitting next to your utv so it will be quick/easy to plug in.

5. Now there should be a try again, or dial or continue or something button (sorry can't remember), move the box over top of it but don't hit ok yet.

6. Go to a phone, speakphone's with a mute button work best...Dial the Cognicall 1800 number

7. Enter your access code on the phone from when you signed up with cognicall.

8. Hit ok on the remote so your receiver thinks it is dialing.

9. On the phone when prompted Dial MSN-Tv 1-800-613-8199 and hit mute (mute will allow the connection to be made without background noises)

10. Plug the phone line on the utv. (This way you dialed on it's behalf and you plugged the line in after it thought it dialed and while it was waiting for MSNTV to answer.)

11. Hang up the speaker phone.

12. UTV will connect (if it doesn't you may have just not timed it right, or you phone line isn't of high enough quality) - took me a couple tries.

13. You will see a message about an update avaliable, just click ok. (this will then get your local MSNTV # to dial - however since we're in Canada, we don't want caller id showing up our canadian number and knowing we're from here, it's ok, because the access point you came out of when you dialed MSNTV is in California - welcome to california

14. It will then hang up and try calling the local California number, it will fail because you're not really there.

15. Now it will call again, this time it will dial 1 since it figures you are just outside of the local calling area and do the upgrade. (This is also where the good long distance plan comes into play. It take about 104 mins to download the O/S - But it's worth it - UTV-105hours and 2 additional fans Oct3/2002 - But heat is a whole seperate discussion)

Please refer to the excellent UTV instructions already published to continue the upgrade.

Good Luck!

01-06-2003, 12:48 AM
thanx allot your a life saver