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01-22-2003, 11:57 PM
I have read, and read, and read.

I just started pulling from my tivo and the tops (and bottoms) of the frames have "pixilization-junk-stuff" on them. This occurs on the tops (including white specs on the very top) and the pixilization is not that noticeable on the bottom.

My questions are:
Is this standard?
How do I resolve this to get rid of this problem and have DVD quality video.

I am using a T-60 Dtivo, xtremed (30GB) (2.5), with ftp and http access. I used tytool5r2+ to pull the m2v and ty files.

Thank You in advance for your help.


PS - the attached file is an example. The general pixilization in the clip is from the compression. The pixilization on top and bottom is in the original m2v clip.

01-23-2003, 12:15 AM
The broken white lines on the top are (mostly) closed captioning data. As far as I know, the only ways to get rid of these involves blocking out that part of the image and reencoding it---which may be more than you want to do. Supposedly they don't show up on your TV screen if you burn to DVD, but I've found that depends on exactly how you do it. Try to burn a DVD (maybe an RW?) and see if they show up---if not, don't worry about it.

If you're planning to play things on your computer monitor, they'll show up. In this case, however, you might want to convert the movies to something like DIVX, anyway; in this case, getting the closed captioning data off is done as I say above, by blacking out that part of the image. More on ty->divx can be found in http://www.dealdatabase.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=21260

01-23-2003, 01:20 PM
The little white pixelations are actually low bitrate information encoded on lines 19-21 of the video. Usually it's closed-captioning, but can be anything. These are outside of the standard raster viewing area, although many broadcasters don't bother to set horizontal timing on the deck playing back the program, and these can be lowered into the viewing area. The standard NTSC television set has at least 5% overscan, (can be 15%,) which usually makes this area not seeable. I wouldn't worry about this, as there is nothing you can do about it. What the broadcaster broadcasts is what it is. If your television set is set up to show more raster than normal, you will see more of this than normal.

01-23-2003, 04:56 PM
can't you crop video without re-encoding?

01-23-2003, 11:27 PM
Originally posted by AlphaWolf
can't you crop video without re-encoding?

Oh, certainly---I'm sorry, I didn't write exactly what I was thinking. :-) As it turns out, I like to keep the same resolution, too ;-) Thanks for pointing it out, though---it's stupid "thought mistakes" like that that limit my reality ;-)


01-23-2003, 11:46 PM
Heh in all honesty I don't know, I never play with any video editing/encoding/whatever. I just figured it should at least be possible.