View Full Version : newbie questions

07-15-2001, 04:58 PM
I have been reading and reading, but i am gettig more stumped . I have a standalone Philps 14 hour Tivo, i do want to upgrade the record time to 100 hour.
I see that i follow the instructions with the 2 boot disks to do this ans everything sounds farly easy, but what i really want is to get the guide and stuff with out the monthly fee. I have heard this can be done. with TivoNet or somthing.
Do i have to have a linux server running for this.?
Where does the server get the guide Information From.?
My Tivo was missing the Serial cable, i have only the cable that goes from the tivo to the IRD ( phone type end )
Can i make one. ? how ?
Is there anything easyer with having to pay, can i download a image that has everything done. ?